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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by JesseFree, Aug 25, 2002.

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  1. JesseFree

    JesseFree Guest

    Hello. This may have been discussed before, and if it has been, feel free to direct me to that thread. Here's my question

    I am looking into getting a protools setup for mac. It is mainly for consumer use in my house. Is digi002 the way to go now, or is it wiser to maybe get 001 and get the harware separately. (I need at least 4 mic pre's)

    any help is much appreciated
  2. frank_1

    frank_1 Guest

    I don't know about the Digi002 but I have heard over and over again that the mic pre's on the 001 are horrible. Better off buying after market pre's like from Art or PreSonus.

    One thing about the Digi001, yes the software is amazing but the soundcard is not very good at all. It would be better to get different software (Cubase SX, Emagic Logic) and get an M-audio card like the Delta 44 or 1010 for better sound quality. But if you must have PT software then go for it. :c:
  3. Wendy May

    Wendy May Guest

    It depends on what all of you're needs are......
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  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    typically any of Digi's hardware is not that great...especially the low end the Mbox, 001 or even the 002..that's why most people end up getting new converters to go infront of the Digi hardware...
    So if you get that you will have to spend the little extra cash you may have on a decent A/D...I would look for a converter that has A/D and D/A on it so this way you go through a complete seperate converter to hear the results better.
    Pro Tools is indeed the standard and getting something like the PT LE is good for learning if you want to know pro tools...otherwise if you are looking for home recording...go with Cubase or something of that nature as it's more versatile and you can get an audio card with better sounding converters...don't get yourself caught in the Digi loop
    Wendy....there are plenty of PT Pro's amongst these forums that can fact you really don't even need a pro to help on this one...
    Besides, Pro is nasty
    Opus :D
  5. eclinton

    eclinton Guest

    I may be missing something here. I've used Pro Tools for the PC just a bit, and frankly, I thought it looked pretty lame compared to Cubase SX, or even Sonar. (with all it's faults)

    After checking out the software I assumed people bought the package for the hardware. Now you're telling me the hardware is not so great.

    Is PT like the ADAT in that people are still using a bygone tech just because they spent a lot of money on it?

    Curious minds want to know.

    peace, the dog
  6. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    No, people using Pro Tools are using it for the software as there are a lot of features that are key to audio recording...mind you this is pre Cubase SX and Nuendo...Now that Nuendo is getting revamped and so forth it's competing against pro tools and hopefully will make Pro Tools somewhat obsolete...
    Yes, the hardware from Digi has never been that great in regards to converters...the hardware does the job but just doesn't cut it entirely!
  7. Greg Malcangi

    Greg Malcangi Member

    Oct 12, 2000
    Hi Opus,

    I agree that the software (it's fuctionality and stability) is a main reason why so many prefer PT but the discussion about the hardware is a little more complex.

    It's a matter of timing. Yes, the 888|24 has been slated for many years but this was not always the case. When it first came out it was about the first 8 channel 24bit converter on the market and was a brilliant bit of kit. Take the new 192, there is nothing on the market with the audio quality and functionality at it's price point and most users are extremely happy with it but in a few years time, as the digital audio world marches ever forward, it will be slated in exactly the same way as the 888 or Rosetta are now and for much the same reasons.

    So I would say that in comparison the Digi hardware is excellent if you buy it near the beginning of it's life cycle but not so good near the end. This sounds obvious but it's surprising how many people seem to overlook this basic fact of digital audio evolution. I suppose the solution would be for Digi to update their hardware more frequently but that would put a possibly undue finacial strain on end users and Digi alike.

  8. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    You are correct in the fact that when they came out they were ok....but nowadays...I think that's far from correct...look at the know how many people call up and ask if they can use the MiniMe with that! lmao!
    I usually ask why? :p
    I am curious to check out the 002 and truly see if it's anything decent or not..
    The 192 box does offer some great functionality but there's a lot of people unhappy with the sound that comes with it..most people have been saying it sounds thin and a lack of bottom end to it..Then again, these are what I have heard from people...mind you I haven't actually recorded with it or really listened to it for a long period of time so I guess my opinions are just via word of mouth..
    But your point is very valid indeed!
  9. Opus,

    I've never heard anyone say that the 192 I/O is thin ( that has actually worked with it). It is a great converter especially for the price point and value. It blows everything else in the market with that price point away. There is not much competition that can even record at 192k. I think it is kinda ironic how people have a negative slant on a peice of gear that relies mostly on "word of mouth" instead of ears and their own experience. It is easy to do I've caught myself wanting to do the same thing. When some one goes against a peice of gear or solution you really believe in.

    There is one thing for sure audio enthusiasts are passionate about their gear. :)

    No one really knows the quality of the 002 on the market yet, since it hasn't even shipped yet. Digi does good work. I truly believe in them and their quality/price point. Digi is an industry pioneer, they pretty much set and change the standards.

  10. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    When you work for Apogee you get all kinds of people to talk to...all throughout the states and the world so that is how I base my responses.
    Especially in the Los Angeles area is where a lot of people converse about the systems and their opinions about them.
    Yes Digi has pioneered some things but not in the aspect of quality sound. That's why most people tend to go with someone else's converters to get a better sound. Again, this is all subjective and I am just passing along what I hear in the industry...
  11. Opus,
    I feel like I understand more clearly your position. I also understand what you are saying, However I strongly and respectfully disagree. Digi has pioneered sound quality among other things. What I think we need to keep in mind is that the industry IS fastly evolving. What is cutting edge today is only cutting edge until someone comes along with something better. Presently Digi has the best sounding system and Professional DAW solution in its market today. Digi totally turned the market upside down January when they release the Pro Tools|HD. It made the Apogee converters instantly "dated".

    I also feel like I understand where your underlying slant against Digi is coming from now. You are involved with Apogee, of course. Digidesign really cut into Apogee's market share considerably, and didn't give them a chance to retaliate (sp?). No one is buying Apogee stuff for the new HD rigs that are so widly being made the new standard. Digi drew the line in the sand January, its a new game now.

    Its all good! Competition among companys is always good for the end user. I'm sure Apogee has some new stuff in devolopement that will make Digi jump, when ever it makes it out. Maybe this will get Apogee to make their prices a bit more reasonable. Maybe Apogee will come up with a 192K converter that will blow away Digi's 192 I/O. I'm all about quality. At this moment in time Digi has the best sounding DAW. Who knows about tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see.

    Meanwhile Pro Tools is still the Professional Industry Standard.



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