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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by rockdude, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. rockdude

    rockdude Active Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    Ok so if any of you remember me from posts about a week ago I had a problem with playback in pro tools. When ever I was playing a virtual instrument like the mini grand every now and then the playback would glitch up and stop then continue after about a half a second. This was before I had my second hard drive installed so anyway I have put the second hard drive in and save my pro tools file to its location when I start up a new session. It seems the second hard drive is helping alot it happens alot less it seems though it still is happening more than id like. So then I tried the using only 1 processor trick I heard helps alot so I disabled my hyper threading processor and set it to 1 that seems to help keep these glitches away a little more too. But I still get them more than id like what should it do? To me it seems to be the processing power I have a 3.0ghz P4 I follow the cpu usage and the second I play its just too much it seems even just having pro tools loaded up is alot. Or would it be the RAM I only have 1gb I know its low but right now I have no interest in recording multiple tracks just having 1 up for playing in virtual instruments, so what is causing this problem? Also to add, these little playback glitches even happen out of pro tools when playing back thru my mbox 2 mini, just randomly thru a song im listening to it will freeze real quick then continue and when I load up a song it takes longer than normal to start than if I just played it thru sound card.

    1 more thing the DAE playback buffer, for this issue im having which level for me to use would make the most sense to use 0-4? or would that not matter at all for me? and increasing H/w buffer size doesnt seem to help and the higher the less responsive my key strikes are
  2. music293

    music293 Active Member

    Dec 24, 2008

    check out this thread from the DUC, also check out the thread for optimizing your OS and follow all the instructions you can and you will see greater response from your DAW.
  3. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Could it be ram dumping?
    Only 1 gig and running an OS and pro tools and a VI?
    Seems like that would be a stretch.
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