Pro Tools and Apogee Interfacing

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by T-Slice, Jun 10, 2006.

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    I'm putting together an HD system and I want to use apogee converters, specifically two AD16x's and one DA16x.

    I believe I need the optional HD cards for the DA16x's for direct connectivity to the 192's.

    I'm just a little confused on how they connect to the 192. As I believe I need 2 Digital 192's i/o boxes, one for the 32-DA in, and one for the 16-AD out.

    I think that means I need to purchase two 192's and then purchase another 2 digital cards for one of the 192's, as well as 3 HD cards for the DA/AD16x's.

    I'm not exactly sure how they interface together, but that is what I want, and would appreciate any help on this matter.

    Also I'm looking at the "Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX" as my master clock as well as their clock distrobution system for sync. How does it compare to the apogee big ben?

    Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated!
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    Sep 29, 2004
    I'm a bit confused. It sounds like you want 32 channels in and 16 channels out? (plus, you'll get a all the AES I/O, too). Or, do you want 64 channels in plus a bunch of analog outs (with the 192's PLUS the AD-16's)?

    You don't need 192's to hook the Apogee AD/DA-16X to ProTools HD. Just get one X-HD card and cable for each Apogee box. One Apogee box plugs directly into the HD card and the other Apogee boxes just daisy-chain from the 1st Apogee box. (I'm running two Apogee Rosetta 800's directly into PT HD with no Digi interfaces - don't need them.)

    The AD/DA-16X use the Big Ben C777 clocking concept already but you can't distribute the clock from one box to all the other boxes without some kind of distribution amp for the clock - and that, depending on the quality of the distribution amp, may not give you the performance of a Big Ben or similar clock.
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    I was wondering how the DA16x's interface with pro tools.

    So I'm guessing I could get by without any digital 192's, and daisy chain the DA16x's/AD16x's directly to the core card, with no need for any digidesign boxes?
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    the whole point of getting apogee converters would be to go directly from apogee converters to the HD cards and not use the 192.

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