pro tools and reason adapted not working together..

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by shezan, Apr 3, 2005.

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    hi guys its been a long time i did'nt catch the forum..was a bit busy...guys i m using pro tools now...i watched the demo clips read it in the manual that after you open pro tools you can load reasons adapted or ableton but when i open reasons adapted it gives me midi input device error...that its in use by another short my digi 002 rack is only playing one software at a any tip wht should i do..i have tried to do alot of settings...i even sent an e-mail to digidesign but did'nt get a reply...hope to get some advice from here cuz this forum prooved to be very helpful to me...

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    Apr 7, 2001
    That error message is basically saying that you can't use the desired MIDI port in Reason because it is being used by Pro Tools...Since it's a Digi hardware the only way to have that message stop is to change the preferences in Reason to not use the Digi MIDI port. You can record the MIDI for Reason in Pro Tools which is usually the way to go as you can do swing quantizing in Pro Tools, something Reason doesn't offer!

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    You'll have to use pro tools as a midi patchbay of sorts. When you create an instrument in Reason, it will show up as an available output on a midi channel in pro tools. Enable midi-thru, and record enable the midi track.

    When you load the reason rewire plugin in pro tools, choose multi mono and unlink it. This allows you to choose any of the available 64 rewire outputs from reason instead of the primary l/r outs. Tab around to the back of the reason mixer and patch the instrument directly to the rewire outs at the top of the rack. In this way, you can do all of your mixing inside of pro tools, and treat reason as a very customizable virtual instrument running in tandem.

    Be sure to save your reason sessions before closing it you'll have to load it manually. Also, if you've composed a song in reason prior to rewiring it into pro tools, make note of the the rewire host (pro tools in this case) will override the tempo control of reason upon first loading up.

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