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    i'm running protools with an mbox and i'm getting a delay through the playback like a split second. i know how to get rid of the delay in sonar but i can't get it to go away with this protools. i also would like to know if it is possible to hook the protools to a roland vs-2480 for interface to control levels with the faders. any knowledge would be appreciated.
  2. Protools Delay with an MBox

    Hi ... I have a 002, so I don't know about your problem explicitly, but have you checked out the Digi User Conference (DUC) for help with your problem? I find the DUC to be friendly, informative, and full of people who know PT inside and out. Check it out ...

    First impression of your problem: have you adjusted the hardware playback engine (samples and buffer) to the lowest settings that your system can handle? I know that the MBox does not have Low Latency Monitoring, but I am under the impression that you can tweak your system to make the latency negligible. As far as setting up your VS as a control surface, there is a current discussion on the DUC about this here .

    Check out the DUC for help.

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