Pro Tools Digi002R Whats the word HELP HELP Newbie!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Amsterdam72, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. Amsterdam72

    Amsterdam72 Guest

    I am new to this forum .
    Iam planning on purchasing a 002R here in the next couple of months. And was wondering what the word was on these systems.

    i was thinking about getting one of the Sweetwater Creation Stations the cube or the pro i don't think there is much difference in them.-I'm not a computer whiz as far as building computerthat would go hand in hand w/protools so supposedly this one does.

    - My concern with the 002r is the# of preamps - we will be using this system to record our band(drums-guitar-vocals-bass) to learn how it works to start off.

    what are some cost effective pres I could check out .I read something about "the brick" and also some Presonus stuff anyways any help would be good.
    thanks :cool:

    How about a little feedback????? :cool: PLEASE!!!!!! :?
  2. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    The 002 has 8 line level inputs so the direct outs from any mixer can feed it, which can get you started cheaply. I would go with the Alesis AI3 for a cheap way to add 8 more ins and outs to your system. Then you can use a 16 direct out mixer at the start and look at mic pre's seperately. The Digimax and the Octa pre are AD's (input) only and can lead to clocking problems with the 002 R if you are not paying attention as they have to be word clock master.
    I would reccomend starting with a descent stereo analog pre/compressor and a mixer with 16 direct outs (Allen and Heath 162 or same). This allows you to record 16 off the floor and then use the stereo mic pre/compressor for all overdubs, where the upfront quality is the most important.
    I use my 002R daily with a Mac G5 1.8 dual with 2 gig ram and it just rocks.

    P.S. You can learn alot about the 002 by searching for it in this forum.
  3. Amsterdam72

    Amsterdam72 Guest


    thanks for your input. I will keep in mind that you have a 002 for future reference. Do you use the002 for your mobile recording? Your studio lookd cool . Where are you Canada?
    thanks again
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