Pro Tools hangs on Midi Setup

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by ranus, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. ranus

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    My Anus has been doing well (P4 2.26, P4PE). I am very pleased with using Sonar so far, but I decided to go the Digi001 route since my school uses Pro Tools. I am working with Tech Support at Digi, but they are out of ideas...

    I loaded the PT 6.3 software for WinXP and when I start the app it hangs when it is trying to do the Midi setup. It beeps once and goes to the desktop. I tried disabling darn near every driver and reinstalling Pro Tools. Even tried tweaking some Bios settings and no luck... :mad: I have a suspicion its a motherboard issue...

    Has anyone had this problem? Am I missing something?
  2. AzureCrystal

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    Aug 14, 2001
    Sounds like a "Chipset" compatibility issue(on your motherboard), I know the Win XP version of PT is very, very picky about that. I also know for a fact, PT for Win XP does not like the VIA chipset combined with another's vendor chipset. Find out which one is yours and check Digidesign's site to be sure... I had to dump my VIA motherboard and bought one with a SIS chipset, problem solved...
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    P4PE has the Intel 845PE chipset . Ain't no VIA :c:
  4. Michael Scott

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    Aug 1, 2002
    Ontario Canada
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    Actually, on the chipset, here it is from digidesign site:

    Maximum Performance Guidelines
    To provide full 32-track, 24-bit performance on Pro Tools LE with high edit densities and the maximum number of Plug-Ins follow these guidelines:

    "Intel Pentium 4 or Xeon with Intel 845, Intel 850 or Intel 860 chipset, Single Processor
    AMD Athlon XP or Thunderbird with pure VIA chipset, Single Processor
    Performance and the number of Plug-Ins will vary from PC to PC; however, faster processor speeds produce better results
    Total System RAM: 384 MB or higher
    File System (all drives): FAT32 or NTFS
    Also note that we have seen better performance on computers that have less components attached and non-custom versions of the BIOS or Windows XP"

    Known Incompatibilities
    Caution - Digi 001 is NOT supported on the following systems or systems with the following components:

    "Computers with motherboards containing SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems) chipsets
    Hewlett Packard Pavillion line of computers
    AMD K6, K6-2 or K6-III, K7 processor based computers (however newer AMD Athlon processors are supported - see Supported CPU Models & Speeds)
    Pentium I or Pentium II processor based computers
    Computers with motherboards containing mixed chipsets from AMD plus VIA combined
    "ESS Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive" Sound, video and game controller. This device can be disabled from the "Device Manager" in the "System" Control Panel.
    SampleCell II PCI cards and SampleCell Editor are not compatible with Windows XP"

    Welcome to the world of PT :s: :p:
  5. ranus

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    Thanks for the info. I am doing a fresh install of XP to rule out that problem. Definately have an "authorized" chipset and system. Any further help is appreciated....

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