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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by mcasci2, Jul 18, 2004.

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    I have been recording on and off for a few years and havent really been looking to upgrade until now.

    I know some that has a pro tools cd, could i use the software going from mixer so sound card to pc, or do i have to have the interface and plugins etc. The guy that has it says he doesnt have the interface or anything but disc, did i hear him wrong???

    please help

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    Pro Tools FREE does not require dedicated digidesign hardware, but only runs on Windows 98/ME and is limited to 8 Audio tracks.

    Pro Tools LE does require digi hardware like the Audiomedia 3 (AMIII), 001 ,MBox, 002 or 002R. This sotware is limited to 32 Audiotracks and runs on 98/ME and XP, though XP is required to use version 6 or higher. The LE system uses the host computer's CPU for PlugIns in the RTAS/AU formats. FXpansion have a VST to RTAS adaptor which allows for the use of VST's in PT LE. PT LE hardware will also run 3rd party sequencers like Logic, Cubase SX , Nuendo and Cakewalk Sonar via digidesigns ASIO driver.

    From Pro Tools LE you go up to TDM and HD systems that require the purchase of EXPENSIVE hardware for these systems to run. These are the Pro systems that have specialised DSP cards for processing.
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    pro tools

    thats bull $*^t pro tools free only runs on win 98, so you cant have free pro tools unless your stuck in the 90's. all i need it for is to seperate my drum tracks,

    thanks for you post
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    Apr 9, 2003
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    Home Page:

    1. Please refrain from foul language.

    2. You asked the question. The answer you got is what is RECOMMENDED BY DIGIDESIGN.


    System Software: Windows Me or Windows 98 Second Edition (will NOT run on Windows XP, 2000, NT, 95, or 3.1)
    * Total System RAM: 128 MB minimum 192 MB recommended (Additional RAM required for simultaneous use with MIDI sequencers.)
    * Intel chipset
    * Phoenix or Award BIOS (recommended)
    * CD-ROM drive for software install
    * AGP or PCI graphic card
    * Monitor, color required, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
    * Storage: A large, fast, hard drive for audio.
    * For maximum performance, a dedicated ATA/IDE or SCSI disk drive(s), such as those qualified with Pro Tools LE, should be used.


    Pro Tools Free will work on other platforms BUT THEY ARE NOT RECOGNIZED NOR SUPPORTED BY DIGIDESIGN.

    If you cannot accept the answer in the spirit it is given and cannot remain civil in your responses I recommend that you find another website.

    We encourage intelligent discussion, and no one loves a spirited intellectual argument better than I do. This is a site sponsored by professionals for professionals and those who wish to be professionals. You are obviously none of the above.
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    Re: pro tools

    Well after all it is Pro Tools [b]FREE[/b]!

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