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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by 4monty, Aug 3, 2003.

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    so i'm now auditioning a 3rd screamer laptop for use with the mbox/PTLE package i bought, and it doesn't seem to perform very well either. do any damn laptops perform well with pro tools!!?aparently PT is very picky about chipsets (intel only), and i have gone to the added expense of upgrading my purchase 3 times with no discernable gain... nothing but errors, slow responses, lag time, and general BS.

    the current rig = Toshiba Sattellite 2450TGM, P4 2.8GHz, 512 RAM, Intel 845E chipset, XP Home, Glyph netDrives 80GB firewire HDD, MBOX.

    this rig should run circles around alot of others, while cooking me breakfast and taking my phone calls... so whassap!!? :confused:

    really need to be running PT from home/locations... any suggestions on tweaks or alternate laptop models (other than the measely 4 approved digidesign ones!) have just about had it with PT!!!
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    think diffrent
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    Apr 7, 2001
    lol kieran! What ya saying there?!! :D


    You may need to optimize the system so that it runs much smoother than that. Go through my XP tweak guide and that should help greatly!

    XP Tweak Guide

    Opus :D
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    Mar 19, 2003
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    Home Page:
    The real question is do you have to have Pro Tools LE? In my opinion Digidesign is more of a Mac-centric company. All you may need is an app with OMF support. If the TDM studio you use has Digitranslator.

    That should be a killer setup. Should be less of a hassel, with USB.

    Exactly what are the errors you are getting 4monty?
    I have had some clients put the Mbox on a desktop with XP, didn't really have any problem.

    KK may have a point Opus. My niece is about to go off to Music Tech in Minniapolis, I hooked her up with an iBook Mbox, and firewire drive.

    Took about a half hour to get it going, didn't have any problems playing back a 24 track session, minus the plugs that were on the session, that were not on the install.

    That's interesting about file system performance. I never considered Fat32 for NT/XP.
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    opus, thanks for the XP tweak guide, has been very helpful in lightening the load on my rig! (windows... jesus! u could choke a horse with all the unnessary crap in there!) didn't use them all though, this particular machine needs to be a bit of an "everything" box with my current situation. (i still tour alot as a musician, need email and video capability etc. too to maintain sanity when in asia, africa etc! you might get the BBC news in english sometimes, depending on country... if you're lucky!)

    gdub, yup, i do sorta need to be running PTLE, just for ease of compatibility with other studios. (it's not that it's necessarily any better than other software from what i gather, it's just everywhere these days... fact of life it seems for producers on the go. in fact i've been resisting it for a few years, and just now finally gave in.)

    the truth is that i'm pretty new to the whole DAW thing, have had the luxury of being an analog guy for most of my career. (and more on the creative side at that! not really even much of a knob twiddler to begin with...) previously the only experience i had with PT was sitting behind a mastering engineer... so, long story short, i need to spend what little free time i have learning/using the software that will afford me the most freedom when dealing with 2nd and 3rd parties.

    cheerz :D
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    almost forgot gdub, the errors i'm getting are mostly of the DAE persuasion, ie: the infamous 9000's! have got to the bottom of most of them but the one that's driving me nutz at the moment is 9007... digidesign's crack support team has only been able to come up with "restart when that`happens" :s: fantastic! (although i must admit for whatever reason it works! just a pain in the ass)
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    kieran, i hear ya, no one's arguing against the merits of the apple. i use them in other studios all the time... love em! but at the moment, i don't care what anyone says, u can flat out get more horsepower for your cash from a PC than a MAC. the windows machine i just got into will run circles around any mac i could get in the same price range. who want's to invest in a G3 ibook in 2003!?

    (no offense to your niece's rig gdub! but with the G5 coming out now the ibooks will all be G4's soon... were right near that transition time... i personally woulda waited or gone PC.)

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