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  1. bstudiob

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    I have bought Pro tools Mbox, and i have a problem.
    Beforehand i had Creamware Luna board and i connected it with my Lexicon PCM80 via s/pdif in-out, and it worked well!
    The problem is that i can't send one signal via analog outputs, and the other via s/pdif, so that i connect my Lexicon PCM80 with Mbox!
    My software doesn't enable that! In the mixer section there isn't an option for s/pdif in-out, there is solely an option for analog in-out!
    I don't know whether my Mbox enables this option at all!
    Could enyone help me to solve my problem, please!
  2. ghellquist

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    May 25, 2004
    The Mbox is strictly two channels in, two channels out. The two input channels both come either from analog OR from digital (no mixing). I believe that the same output signal goes both to analog and digital output, but I haven´t tried it though.

    Hope this helps


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