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  1. n8elf

    n8elf Guest

    hi everybody!

    is it possible to use a midi controller(keyboard) with 2 instrument tracks simultaneously in pro tools?
    or maybe even more... 2 midi controller each connected to an own instrument track(also simultaneously)?
    realy need to know this and would appreciate every advice!
    many thanks
  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    Do you have 2(two) MIDI ins? First off it would require 2 midi ins then a bunch of time devoted to setting up the ins and the outs of the 2 midi controllers.

    Will it work? Possibly....if you have two MIDI ins.

    But be not discouraged and be of good cheer. I have good news for you.

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  3. casper

    casper Guest

    It should be. You need to assign a different midi channel to each track in protools. You have 1-16 channels available. You can assign or map the midi controller to split or layer the sounds. Each track will be one midi channel. In protools you would assign the note range for each midi channel. This link kind of explains it:

    Go to this link:

    try lesson 1 and 3, 4, and 5.

    In addition you software may have came with tutorials also. See the Help section or the CD/DVD that came with your program.
  4. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    Cakewalk also explains the use of multiple MIDI input, via USB into Sonar 3.

    If you can do it with cakewalk you can probable do it with whatever sequencing/recording software you are using...I guess. Depends on what ya got.

    The Borg has much info on multiple inputs from MIDI. Do a browser search for "best for" to locate the header tag "What's best for me?"
  5. n8elf

    n8elf Guest

    hi guys(girls)!
    really realy thank you for your fast replies and links!
    also realy nice to know that multitimbrality is possible in cakewalk!
    sounds truely logic, we have 2007 right? right!

    but I slowly guess in every BUT NOT PROTOOLS, at least not LE 7.3(if only not in LE, this would be making fun of people)!
    I already knew that things about mdi(a lot of them)1port, 16 channels, midi thru...sound simple and logic(maybe in Logic it is as simple as in cakewalk..midi echo..or something like that, BUT NOT IN PRO TOOLS, tell me the cheapest sequencer softwear! I gues I'm shure in that too BUT...)


    I've been so excited and happy seeing 3 replies on my question (THANKS SPACE & CASPAR)in that short time, but now I think I'm just mad. my only good news are that MAYBE...MAYBE I will just have to purchease only a new sequencer and I can use my MBOX2 just like the much cheaper soundcards(maybe someone can tell me something about the accuracy of it, would be glad to hear) FIRST:in PT I can only put one midi track record enabled, not like the audio tracks( by the way, they are cool, i think)!
    instrument tracks, the same only 1 track record enabled possible!
    the guy in the movie tutorial, casper linked me to, does also activate activate only one midi track at once!
    there is only one midi input assigning possibility per track!
    Inst_Tracks don't have to be record enabled to see receiving midi data. if i assign the inputs of 2 inst_tracks to the same midi channel from the same midi controller or vice versa only one shows receiving midi data and which one, I can choose in a menu called "default thru instr."! There I can choose only one option at once having the possibilities: "first selected miditrack" which means that the track I click on or put rec. enabled will receive the data, "one of the activated midi plug_ins" or "one of your midi interface out_puts" that goes out of the sequencer!
    the support hotline couldn't help me, and after some calls I could guide them to my problem they told me that this isn't a support theme and I should read instruction!
    what would be your conclusion?
    thanks for leting me bore you and my conclusion is to collect again money and buy a new sequencer(I'm a poor student but still love making music) and in my deperation I repeat PLEASE PEOPLE MAKE ME SHOUT 1000 TIMES I LOVE PROTOOLS! I WOULD EVEN APPOLOGIZE MORE TIMES FOR MY DUMBNES IF THIS WOULD MAKE MULTITIMBRAL IN PT LE WORK
  6. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    Pro Tools and Pro Tools L(imited) E(dition) are two different varments are they not?
  7. n8elf

    n8elf Guest

    LE=Limited Edition was clear for me too.
    please explain me the the notion of varment!
    in case that should be a justification, is there a version(mpowered, academic...) that would support this kind of midi routing?
    of course I cannot afford a HD/TDM system but the digi rack 003 is for a pretty expensive soundcard and it also works with the LE and not with the TDM version. by the way would PT TDM have this kind of internal midi routing?
    using buses I can route an audio signal to several tracks, but why not a midi channel to more midi/intrument tracks and also use them simultaniously!
    I even know plug ins having this ability so why not such a cool sequencer like PT even LE and I don't need this latency compensation features and DSP processing.( :D would be nice but..)
  8. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2007

    Varment=animal...they are two different animals.

    As in, they are two different things.

    Have you tried to use one of your controllers through USB?

    I think you are going to find that you need two independent midi inputs to run two independent controllers.

    Think of it like an audio signal. If you have only one input for audio you can only get one instrument plugged in at a time.

    You kinda have to get the basics of MIDI understood and working before you can move forward as it is very complicated in actual practice...time consuming to configure but worth the effort in the end.

    This fellow here at the ProTools / DigiDesign Forums is asking the same kind of question.

    I suppose I haven't been much help to ya, but it gave me something to do and kept me from walking the thank you for that:)
  9. n8elf

    n8elf Guest

    Are you kidding man? you've been the greatest I got :D and could get even you are not explicit familiar with pro tools(thats even more superiour)! have I been so selfish not to mention this? THANK YOU! casper too of course!
    as for your not going on street I think I feel sorry about that!

    it's five months now I'm trying to figure out this thing and after the last link it have hope shimmering again! :D (I've been also resultless searching in digidesign forum some month ago)
    most important thing for me is to get 1 controller(1 channel actually) triggering more miditracks simultaniously!
    getting 2 controllers triggering 2 different tracks is just secondary but also very important! therefor I have my e_drums connected to the midi in of the Mbox and a small midi keyboard connected per USB to my pc! so I do have 2 independent inputs!
    do you know are there troubles with this forum posting that 1000 times I've mentioned upwards! ( enough pre euphoria )
    for a new! up to work!
    will post news!
    thanks again and still thankfull for every advice!
  10. n8elf

    n8elf Guest

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    got it! I can't belive it!
    got both of them! 1 channel to 2 tracks and 2 controllers each to an own track? the second one is just working! I don't yet know exactly why and what is set up properly but will soon get the theory too :D ! the key to the whole thing was deffinitely putting 2 or more midi/instrument tracks rec enabled like pointed out in your last link brien! doing that the midi routings get their sense!
    Man... I think I'm not able to express my acknowledgements!
    I sinply say thanks a lot and hope you get it squard 1000...

    now to the obligations:

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