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Discussion in 'Mixing' started by mastermine, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. mastermine

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    im currently using nuendo and the dm 24. however im opening a studio to the public and would like to buy a new set up. im looking to get pro tools 003 and the new tascam dm 4800. the problem im having is that the new tascam has a great firewire hook up that does 32 i/o and it seems that protools wont work with this board. can i get protools to work with this board or should i go with nuendo still and have the 32 i/o at my finger tips? the only reason im getting protools is because of the clients that come in to the new studio looking for the name PROTOOLS. what to do. can someone shine some light on the situation. peace
  2. hueseph

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    You're stuck using Digi hardware if you want to use Pro Tools. It'll cost you in excess of $10,000.00 to get into a base ProTools HD system. You can search craigslist or Ebay for used systems. I found a Used 888/24 system for $2000 but that's pretty old now and only supports up to PT 6.4(I think). There's potential hardware compatibility issues when you're dealing with gear that old.

    If you absolutely have to have ProTools and you are under a budget, I would just pick up a Digi 003 rack and you can use your existing board as a control surface if it has that function.
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    Then again, Nuendo is every bit as pro as ProTools. Somebody stop me ranting ;-)

    I have been switching between Cubase and ProTools HD/LE a lot this year. The choice depends heavily on what you do and your workflow. Other than that it is a personal thing. Midi implementation is still a bit behind in PT. Setting up a recording session in PT is really fast even without any templates.

    A Digi003 rack is still PT LE and you will need the DV-Toolkit (more $$$) to have a higher trackcount to resemble anything that looks like PTHD. You won't get 32 i/o that way, let alone simultaneous input channels. ProTools is just as picky about other hardware and software as Nuendo, maybe even more.

    Don't fortget if you want to make mp3s or export OMF from PT it will cost you extra money too. It wouldn't hurt your potential to be able to work with PT, though. Maybe it is the thing for you.

    I still wonder why clients look for PT. That's like avoiding Fedex (Nuendo) for driving the "wrong" cars and flying the "wrong" planes. "No, we use DHL(ProTools), they have the right planes and cars." Did we bring this upon ourselves? I'd be more worried if there's some B//ring3r in the signal path. We gotta start teaching our clients. Don't they just want a pro studio and a pro job?
  4. hueseph

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    Ha! Digidesign are the kings of incompatibility. Nuendo is far more lenient. You can use any interface you want with Nuendo. Hey, you can use your AC97 card if it makes you happy.

    That being said, 27 dsp chips on an HD3 setup would sure come in handy. Unfortunately I don't have 15Gs for the core system alone. Nevermind the I/O. :lol:
  5. Cosme

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    Everytime I get a new client, the first thing they ask me is "do you use pro tools?" and they don´t even know what pro tools is, but they´ve heard that pro studios use pro tools, and it´s true, it´s a standard in the industry and I actually don´t know why, there are MOTU HD interfases that are very high quality as well, and you can use them with Nuendo that is a totally complete program by itself, the only advantage that I see in pro tools, is a friendlier graphic interface and great plugins (bomb factory bundle), but if you get your hands on a Motu HD system Nuendo 2 and Waves Diamond bundle you have nothing to envy Digidesign at all
  6. hueseph

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    Pro tools HD is not just an interface/ A/D converter. Each card has 9 DSP processors to power plugins. That's why even the older HD systems are able to handle hefty projects.
  7. Halifaxsoundguy

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    Halifax, NS Canada
    I am not a big fan of PTLE, but one of the things I like about it is the basic look of the program. Not a lot of crazy colours flying out at you. However, compatibility wise I hate PTLE. I will be switching to DP5 taking the competive upgrade (then have to deal with all the colours).
  8. Link555

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    North Vancouver
    I have used both. When they work both are more or less equal in my opinion. I am currently running nuendo because it will allow me to use different ADC's. I really didn't like being locked into to just digidesign hardware.
  9. Randyman...

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    Houston, TX
    I agree - Native is killer when done right with good hardware. Latency is not an issue with the big names like RME, etc (and used RME Gear is very affordable).

    One point to consider, I have heard from more than a few people that the Firewire option for the DM series mixers is awful. You might consider going with ADAT, AES, or MADI with a complementary PCI Card instead. I'm not a Firewire fan at all...

  10. Music_Junky

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    You could record with nuendo and your 32 I/O and mix with Pro Tools. Would that make your clients happy?

    I use PT Le and it works well for me but I'm not a big fan of the "Pro Tools Religon" that is going on with bands and musicians.
  11. mobilelab

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    Here comes my 2 cents... Sonar PE baby! I've used a bunch of DAW's incl. Protools and you will not find a better interface or smoother workflow. Oh, yeah, it's much more affordable.
  12. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I still question who here has worked on a full on Pro Tools HD/TDM rig. As regards work flow: it's all about familiarity. Pro Tools was designed for people accustomed to using a console and patchbay. For those people, it has the most logical work flow.
  13. Link555

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    North Vancouver
    The last pro tools set up I got to play with was HD3. It did the job well, the only real differences were in surface level interface stuff, I did not see much difference in the core functions. I don't really see any difference in the end quality of the mix, be it protools or Nuendo in my case.

    However I have noticed difference in the hardware side of things, I much prefer my Cranesong ADC over the 96I/O. I suppose one could buy the 192 Digital I/O and still use external ADC's.

    Anyway both tools are more than capable.
  14. tots

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    I haven't used Nuendo but my feelings about ProTools kind up wind up being like this: If you have a wad of cash to spend, get an HD system because your clients will want it. I have an HD system and for some stuff it's great, for stuff not so great. I use my SONAR 7 Prod/Focusrite Saffire Pro 10io just as much as the HD system. That's not perfect either but I haven't found anything that is.

    PT can be frustrating due to the cost but IMO ProTools LE is far more frustrating than HD. Shortcomings aside, the PT HD systems work fairly reliably. At the graduate school I teach at I am CONSTANTLY having to fix LE hiccups and problems.

    If you're opening a studio to the public there isn't anything stopping you from having more than one platform but you should probably have an Pro Tools rig in there because as has been said many times, it's what people look for... and if you have to have Pro Tools spare yourself some headaches and get an HD setup.

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