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  1. What Pro Tools set up should I get for my 2009 17'' Macbook Pro 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, 500 Gig 7200 RPM...... I have Cubase 4 now, but want to move to Pro Tools. Should I get Pro Tools LE, or another version. Also, what hardware interface should I look at getting. Any suggestions would help me out!!! Thanks a lot!
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    With a MacBook, you can't add any of the PCI cards, so you're pretty much cut off from HD.
  3. yeah, I know......but if I want HD, I will pay someone with HD to push the buttons for me while I do my thing. I was just asking what would work with the computer I have..... Thanks!!!
  4. hueseph

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    If you want to run HD, you can buy a box like this. It is a matter of budget. If you can afford to, go with a Digi 003 or, you could get a used Digi 002R. Make sure you check with Digi's website for compatibility issues.
  5. Kev

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    if you only want to record one or two tracks at once and want to keep things simple and mobile then a USB M-Audio or M-Box will probably get you started

    for more I/O and the use of expternal micpres and perhaps a Branded AtoD with a lightpipe the a 002 .... perhaps a 003

    and yes
    from hueseph
    " Make sure you check with Digi's website for compatibility issues. "
  6. The 003 is what I was looking at.....are the plug-ins that come with it (Digi 003 complete) any good? It sounds like it. I really want to be STONE sure before I make the a matter of time (when I get money...)
  7. BobRogers

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    I feel that the plugins on PT8 are a big upgrade over previous releases. The dynamics and eq plugins have nice, easy-to-use interfaces, and sound fine to me. I've like some of the virtual instruments (e.g. amps, B3). I recently bought the Sonnox reverb which I feel is superior to any of the included reverbs - though the Dverb is not bad sounding and is not a resource hog. I downloaded demos of a lot of Sonnox and Waves plugs while I was shopping and the Sonnox reverb is the only one that I decided to go for at this time.
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    Im posting a reply because my issue regards some of the points mentioned here. I have bought a HD 1 PCI core system. I suffer the PCI /PCI E conflict since I have a G5(early 2008) with 4 PCI/e slots.
    I know Digidesign already posted that the 7 slot magma expansion chassis is the correct solution for this problem. But I ask, what about the 1 or the 2 slot? are the PCI slots the same than the 7? Do they have the same tech specs as the 7?
    Right now, all I need is 1 slot, or maybe get 2 in case of a future upgrade(PCI upgrade????)
    I think the Magma is the only way out for me right now....(or the PCI/e exchange from Digi)
    Does the 1 or 2 slot expansion chassis work?
    thanx for your time guys,
  9. hueseph

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    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    The single slot Magma Pro should work but it's an expensive solution. I would upgrade the card for probably not much more money. The Magma Pro is $800.
  10. bbtodrum

    bbtodrum Guest

    Actually the magma pro extends PCI/e connectivity. I need to add PCI connectivity to my desktop. I know magma has lots of models that would serve the purpose, but I want to be sure in terms of voltage neccesity, latency issues and those kind of specs that bite you in the ass after buying.
    64 bit? 32 bit? 300W? 400w?
    I have a 32 bit G5 2.8(early 2008) Mac pro. I do not know if the bit rate its suppose to match the computers.

    Magma PE6R4? some people claim this is the best and only zero latency option for this kind of situation.

    CB264 SUBPEHIFX1-32 2 slot chassis ?
    I got a reseller here whos looking at the prices for the upgrade withe Digidesign, but he is kind of slow...
    How much is the upgrade for HD1 Core PCI to PCI/E?
    thanx for your time guys.

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