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    Greetings - I'm having a devil of a time trying to get Pro Tools 6.0 TDM to work on a Mac. I'll give you the machine rundown first, and then the problem -

    1) Mac G5. Dial 1.8ghz. 2GB ram. 2 external firewire drives, 4 external SCSI 15K drves running off of an ATTO UL4D. SCSI drives are RAIDED into two volumes. Mac is running 10.3.7. All drives are formatted HFS+ with no journaling option.

    2) System is running BOTH Digital Performer 4.6 and Pro Tools 6.0 TDM.

    3) Pro Tools quite simply must be 6.0 at the moment because of the 192 interface box that is attached to the HD Core Card is also controlling a ProControl 24 mixing board. Pro Tools 6.2.3 doesn't see the board at all.

    Here's the problem: When I go into WORKSPACE and try to change the T option to P or R, I get this work-stopping error "The error "'Drive X' can not be designated as an audio record drive because it is not a valid audio volume". Obviously, nothing's going to happen in Pro Tools at all with an error like this.

    Another board suggested that 6.9.2 would solve the issue, but I'm not convinced. 6.0 used to work on these very same firewire drives before I switched the main CPU and reinstalled on a Mac G5. I'm very puzzled and frustrated.

    I've followed the advice on digidesign of trashing the databases, the preferences, and this is my 5th clean install of Pro Tools. Yes, you read correctly - 5th.

    Any thoughts?
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    Do a get info on the desired drive, check the permissions.

    It's possible that you do not have write permission.

    give yourself read write permission, may require administrative password.

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    "SCSI drives are RAIDED into two volumes."

    pro tools doesn't support raid.

    and why not use 6.9?? as far as i can see your control 24 is supported

    i recommend reading some compatibility documents on digidesigns homepage...

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