Problem with battery 3 in Logic Pro

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by djfearny, Jan 5, 2007.

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    just got a little problem with battery 3 in logic pro which is really driving me mad.

    I have set up battery as a multi instrument with battery options set to have 10 Stereo and 10 Mono outputs going to logic.

    I have made 9 more stereo Aux channels accepting inputs 3/4 to 19/20 from battery which all work spot on and of course 1 more which is the standard stereo 1/2 which battery is running on for direct ouput.

    I have then made anoter 10 Mono Aux channels for accepting outputs 21 through to 30 of battery and this is where I come into a little problem.

    The aux channels are all sitting there ready but when I get to assisning them I cannot select past battery channel 24 on the aux channels so I have the next 6 to assign but in the list it only gives options for upto channel 24 of battery outs.

    I am really confussed by this and am wondering if there is a simple way of being able to select these last 6 battery out for the aux channels.

    hope this makes sense and somebody can shed some light .

    thanks in advance guys

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