Problem with Cakewalk and lag/slur in recording? Got me beat

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by MikeHagan, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Here's one to ponder!

    Been using GTR Pro 3 for over a year with the following set up and no real problems

    120GB HD
    2 x 512 DDR memory
    Audigy Platinum Pro 2 soundcard (outboard)

    OK, a little latency when I was using Amplitude in real time even when I had the buffers as fat as poss but no real issues. Then......

    Moved from the UK to Australia (Melbourne - no problem there!) set my system up when it arrived and noticed a little noise from the HD bearing - dont think they are too kind to your PC when shipping!

    So put in a new 250GB hard drive. Enter the problem.

    With the buffer set in the normal (mid or safe) position here's what happens. I'll import a set of drum samples to make the basis for a song. No problems.
    Plug in a bass or guitar to put down the first live track and lets say I'm not using any effects, completely dry. I press the record arm option on the track too set record level then strum the guitar. Th record level meter moves a split second later than the strum - but I'm hearing it in real time through the monitors. So, the signal is getting to the PC monitors in real time but not making it to the track without a delay.

    So, in audio settings I put the buffer on as fast a speed as possible. The delay that I'm seeing on the record level monitor when strumming seems to go. Hurrah. Press record and play for three minutes - often, but not every time, the back end of the recording will have slowed down and be out of sync with the drums (not my playing honest!)

    I've read a lot of threads and this problem people usually dismiss as a sound card issue, the sound card I'm using while not being top of the range has worked well for basic audio recording over for a year.

    The only other change I can think of is I have also put Microsoft proffesional 2003 on as my operating system as opposed to the older version that was on before.

    So I am currently reduced to trying to record songs a verse at a time while the buffers run flat out!

    Very frustrating.

    Anyone who can offer any pointers on this one I am very greatful to and if you get yourself to melbourne the beers are on me.

    Many thanks

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    Jan 19, 2006
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    First thing is to double check that the new hard disk is using DMA (check in hardware properties.

    I think your problem may well lie with using what I presume is the XP media centre edition. It seems a few Sonar users have had problems with it. Try a search on the Sonar forum and you will find several threads with some solutions. Not sure if this is on the GT forum though.

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