problem with mx-9000

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by audiosoldier, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. audiosoldier

    audiosoldier Guest

    Im sure all of you are gonna eat this up! but i know alot of you have quams about behringer products as do i . A few days ago i was playing drums and monitoring through my mx-9000 when all of a sudden all i could hear was noise. I notice on my board that the main solo light had come on by itself. I could do absolutly nothing to turn this light off and cut the noise. so i took one step at a time to find my problem source and it has come down to my board,no bad cables its the board. I have read alot of things about the 400 watt power suplies going bad. Is this an early sign of breakdown? the only way so get that solo light to turn off is to power down the board and then power it back up. After i do this it works fine for awhile then does the same thing. Is a heat problem?Basically what i would like to know form people with the same problem would be what they went through to have this problem solved. My crappy one year warranty is up so am i SOL or what am i gonna have to pay to have this fixed? I dont under stand how they can sell tons of these things knowing damn well that maybe in a year they will breakdown. Im not really interested in what people think of behringer product i just want to know what im supposed to do? should i keep using it allowing the problem to get worse or what? I hope someone out there can help me out thanks!
  2. badfenderaxe

    badfenderaxe Guest

    I have a Behringer MX-9000 as well. Had it about 3 years now. Things have been going bad on it little by little... eg. buttons won't stay down, track 12 may lose sound so I have to "push down" on the board near that fader so it comes back on etc. I figure I'll use it till it just dont work anymore (like my car). I've even considered accelerating the aging process so I can go ahead and upgrade. Next step will be Lynx Aurora 16 straight to Nuendo and trash the board. So maybe stay with the board and deal with the issues til you can't stand it anymore or it makes you lose money then upgrade. After a good bashing of course! Sorry I don't have better advice to give. You could try to find a local electronics fixit shop but you may end up spending more $$$ than the board is worth. All just my opinion though.
  3. audiosoldier

    audiosoldier Guest

    Thanks man! What pisses me off is ive had the board for over a year and now have just bought an alesis hd 24 now my board is #$$%^^ what pisser! Got my own album to record along with five others so im gonna lose money fixing this piece of $*^t and lose money on the people who dont want to wait for their albums.Im at the point that if this is gonna cost me alot to fix im selling everything and im just gonna concentrate on the greater things in music the music not trying to reproduce it on tape such a headache! By myself a nice drumkit and a taylor!Fuckitall!Besides that i have $8000 invested in audio school too!
  4. thewhiz

    thewhiz Guest

    MX 9000 power problems

    Hey there! I also have the MX 9000 and have been using it for four years. It has treated me well till recently. I have had the same problem with the a Loud thump and the solo light comming on and then the -17 V light on the console out as well. I belive I have narrowed the problem down to the Negitive Voltage Regulator (They look simalar to power transistors and are bolted to the alluminum heat sink on the back of the power supply. I actully taped on the part and got it to work a couple times. Although I dont own the proper test equipment I have been told that negitive voltage regulators have a tendancy to fail. I will post more when I have come closer to solving this one.
  5. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    I have negative voltage regulators that haven't failed for over 2 decades.

    Could be that something on the negative rail is loading things down.
    Perhaps some of those surface mount capacitors are not quite right anymore.

    Does this thing run very hot ?

    Let a Tech have a look at the power supply and the board ... he may find something and be able to replace a couple of components and cure the problem long term.

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