problem with pumping parallel compression mastering techno

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by DefBringa, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest


    i have produced some techno tracks that i am now trying to
    master by myself for demo purposes and to test them on bigger club pas

    i am doing this as the final process all inside my production session
    recording the final stereo file to 16bit

    after trying to gather some knowledge about mastering techno i could find
    out that parallel compression on the master bus is a very common thing to do

    basically the mastering process that im looking for is to faten up the whole mix
    and to give it a compact and punchy sound

    the compression method that is often used in this process:
    very low threshold, highest possible attack time and lowest possible release time
    using these settings on the waves ssl bus compressor i had some really amazingly great results with
    the first track
    it adds a well desired pumping effect

    with the very loud kick drum that stands out in techno tracks it gave the whole mix
    the effect that i have aimed for, doing this inside the production session gave me the chance to adjust
    levels when they where changed too much due to the compression effect

    i know this might sound very alienating to some of you mastering pros who are used to
    carefully mastering acoustic material und stuff like that but in my case it did the job very well

    now here comes the problem:
    when reaching the same stage with my second track i was already excited
    to hear the results of the same process but it just wont work
    i mean i would never complain about that because i am used to fighting my way
    and to gather knowledge by myself for quite some years but somehow i would be glad if
    someone had a hint for me...

    with that second track what happens is that the compression
    brings up the first kick drum in every bar a lot more than the other ones
    also the effect on the whole track is not sounding as fat as in the first one
    the elements in that second track are basically very similiar to the first one

    do i have a chance having a similar result as in the first track by adjusting atk and rls times
    or is it simple possible the first track was a lucky shot and i wont have my good results that easily?

    i would be happy if anyone could help me...

  2. niclaus

    niclaus Active Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    Paris, France
    you should try and use longer attack time to get punchier basses, and lower ratio too...
  3. Danoteck

    Danoteck Guest

    I would have to say that every track is a little different, and while I use some templates when I master hip-hop, rap or techno tracks each needs some tweaking.

    Could be that your actual bass sound needs to be compressed a little more before hitting the master bus, that can make the compressor "stick" because the over all frequencies in that range are louder.

    I assume we're talking 60-100 Hz for the "pumping" effect?

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