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  1. Hello,

    I got a strange problem, never experienced before with my new PC and Echo Gina 20 card. It sounds with clicks and pops and a little slower than it originally is, in sound editors such as Sound Forge or WaveLab. But the same time all sounding perfectly in Windows Media Player (?!) For example, i open wav file in Sound Forge and it sounds with clicks, but when i'm open the same wav in Media player - everything sounding OK. I don't mind, what's wrong? My OS is W2K Proffessional and i'm using latest W2K Gina driver (version 6.11 beta), downloaded from Echo Audio. Maybe someone already faced that problem? I don't clearly understand, what difference between Sound Forge and Media Player and why Forge playing audio with clicks. I guess, if it would be problem with PCI bus flow - it would be problems with both Forge and Media player, but media player works fine. And also, i haven't any problems with Gina driver and any IRQ troubles - everything works OK. By the way, i did various experiments enlarging audio buffer size in Sound Forge and inserted card in another PCI slot - but it didn't help anyway. What's wrong? Please, suggest me something that could help.
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    Check you buffer settings. 512 is a good place to start. Sometimes you can get away with less sometimes not. Sometimes too much will cause pops and clicks.

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