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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Dexter_prog, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Hey. I am having this weird problem with VSTs which I think might be my own fault for being almost a newbie concerning Nuendo. I import a simple midi track I created in a guitar tab program (Guitar pro 5) and want to sample it with the included in Nuendo synths, for example: monologue. I set the output to be Monologue and choose a preset, for example: Octaves lead. Now, when I play the midi, the preset I chose switches to "Filter coffee" preset.
    This happens with EVERY vst, what am I doing wrong?.

    I have realised this happens with midis created with Guitar Pro 5. If I create it in Nuendo everything goes fine, but I still need to use Guitar Por 5 midis because I use that program to compose. Can something be wrong in the guitar pro 5 midi?? If so, how can I check?

    Here's the midi file:

    I am sorry if this is the wrong forum
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    Problem solved: The midi had some program changes assigned. I deleted the usen the Open List Editor under the Midi tab

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