Problems configuring the MOTU mkII with a laptop

Discussion in 'Computing' started by cesargmiranda, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. I'm trying to connect the MOTU mkII (USB 2.0) to a laptop pc but there seem to be a syncronization problem. I've got a Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and the USB 2.0 is correctly instaled, and I can install the drivers of the mkII without having any problem.
    Thing begin to go wrong when I try to launh any software that uses the mkII. For example, Nuendo 2.0 just gives me 2 inputs and 2 outputs, and gives me problems just listening to one imported audio track (it stars and stops sounding whenever it wants...).
    When I launch the CueMix console (the software controller that comes with the mkII) I've got the following error message:
    "CueMix state is not in sync because the audio stream is not locked"...

    Does anybody know what's happening?
    I suspect it has to see with the fact that I'm trying to use a laptop pc and there must be some special thing....

    Please, help me!
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    Make sure that within nuendo you have set it up to use the ASIO drivers for the MOTU.
  3. I made sure of that. I fear there may be something wrong with the asio drivers, but I don't know what. I fear that the USB port may has something to see as well...
    I'm struggling with it since the last week and can't get any better performance than the performance I had with my old Sound Blaster Audigy (!!)
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    And make sure the Master clock is set to the Motu and not to Nuendo's internal clock.

    Sounds like the Motu is looking for slaves and only finding Nuendo set to Master Clock.

    Also, make sure the USB driver the Motu is using is the "enhanced host controller" version and not the "universal host controller version". Check it in your Device Manager.

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