Problems Setting up my workstation with a Mac Mini and Mbox

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jmccarthy, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. jmccarthy

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    I am in the process of recording a solo instrumental CD and have recorded all the basic tracks at two well know studios, Horizon Music in West Haven CT, and Long View studios in MA. I have Doug Wimbish on Bass, Will Calhoun on Drums, and Leo Nocentelli on Rhythm guitar, I am the main guitarist.

    I have a small home studio that I am able to get great guitars sounds from using the Roland VS 840 guitar processor but I have been recording with Nuendo. All the basic tracks were recorded with Pro Tools at the stidios I mentioned above.

    I bought a new Mac Mini and the Pro Tools Mbox and hoped to get the external hard drive with all the tracks on it bring it to my home studio and record most of my lead tracks here when I can take as long as I want and wait until I get most creative.

    Here is my problem, After I record a few tracks the Pro Tools session locks up the play button. It does not allow me to play the session. I have to close it up restart the computor and then it works again.

    Any help or tips will be appreciated guys,

  2. gdoubleyou

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    Mar 19, 2003
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    Did you add more RAM to the mini?

  3. jmccarthy

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    No, it's the 1.42 ghz 80 gig 256k ram version.
  4. Big_D

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    Aug 21, 2004
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    I think you may have found your problem.
  5. TheReal7

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  6. fontane

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    more RAM... try at least a 1gb
  7. jmccarthy

    jmccarthy Guest

    Well I got 1 gig of Ram overnighted to me and put it in. The Mac runs faster but it still locks up after I run it for 10 minutes or so. I hit play and it seems to blink and go right to stop. Nothing I do or tryed will make it play, I restart the computer and it works again.

    I am losing it!!

    is there some settings I missed that causes this to happen? I tried to boost the W/H buffer size to 1024 samples but still no luck

    Please help me I'm ready to jump!
  8. fontane

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    how many tracks, eqs, etc are in your project?

    i tried searching the digidesign answerbase and have not found your particular issue.

    have you called apple? could there be a problem with the first possible ram chip? :( is your original ram chip still in your mini? what happens if you remove it and just use your 1GB ram chip?
  9. jmccarthy

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    I only have 4 tracks set up, one is a stereo mix of a track and three others are passes of a lead.

    There is only one ram slot so I only have the 1 gig chip in.
  10. gdoubleyou

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    Sounds like you are trying to record to the internal drive.

    Most DAWs suggest using a dedicated audio drive, I suspect the laptop style drive in the mini is to slow.

    Get a 7200rpm firewire drive with 8Mb cache. I use Pro tools certified fanless drives from Pacific Pro Audio.

  11. jmccarthy

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    Thanks I'll try that.

    I was just messing around with the system trying to get used to using it since I have not used Pro Tools or a Mac before, I previously recorded with Nuendo on a PC.

    I am getting an external fire wire hard drive with all the basic tracks from my CD on it tomorrow to put my final lead tracks on.

    I'll let you know how it works out tomorrow with the external hard drive.

    Thanks again,


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