problems with m-audio firewire 410 - Please help !! :(

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by patiotic2110, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Hi all.

    Please maybe some of you could help me with this very strange problem that i have .

    Look .. this is the problem :

    I used to have a mbox2mini , works fine , but not perfect because it hasn't GSIF drivers and i use Gigastudio, so , i sell it and bought a Firewire 410 by M-audio. What happend? after install everything.. sudenly the sound it seems to be slower, very slower and the quality of course turn imposible to be heard. Also the video files , the clicks begins and after that ,.. everything slow, image and sound, the computer still function at normal speed, is the audio and video that has that failure.

    At tthe same time that i've changed the audio interface, i've to insert a firewire pci card, and also i've added 2 new hard drives, with a total of 3 hard drives...

    Don't know what could be .. so if anyone could give me a hand with this , i'll appreciate it a lot..

    The computer is a PC AMD X2 4200+ Dual Core, 3 GB Ram , 3 HD : 2xSATA2 (250 and 320 gb) + 1 IDE of 320 GB , asus motherboard.. what else .. don't know at the moment..

    Hope to get some answers please..

    Thanks a lot and best regards

  2. Probably one of 2 things...

    1) Firewire interface - PCs can have a very variable workflow on firewire, some interfaces and chipsets just don't work well. Also sp2 broke firewire and a patch is available from Microsoft (slowed fw400 to fw100 speed). Texas instruments chipsets seem to work best. Try a pcmcia > firewire cardbus adapter and see if that runs firewire well. Some Dell computers are particularly prone to having firewire incompatibilities right now.

    2) The M-Audio firewire 410 is not particularly a great interface imho and quite a few people are having problems on PC and Mac in other forums with various problems such as poor latency, clicking, low recorded sound and more. Try a different firewire interface such as the RME fireface 400 or MOTU ultralite and see if they run better with your setup.

    Firewire has always worked more consistently on Macs given their more standard hardware configurations.

    The new E-MU 0404 USB is a good USB 2.0 alternative with rave reviews on Sound on Sound and other publications lately. Some E-MU gear is not that great either but this interface seems worth considering and PCs run USB 2.0 interfaces more consistently. Sometimes latency has been a problem but the latency specs on the 0404 USB are really good, definately comparable to any firewire interface.
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    I can't help but think you have a samplerate problem. Likely the original audio was in 48k and you're now listening at 44.1kHz. Because the video is synced to the audio, it has slowed down as well.

    Personally, I would have stuck with the Mbox.
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    Get a Firewire card with Texas Instrument chipset... Fix all my problem when I'ved get my FW1814 ...
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    Apr 27, 2007
    I'm on a Mac G4 1.67 17" laptop w/ 2gig of memory - same problem with my ProjectMix I/O - Digidesign made same recommendation, but had none when it came to a card. Which one are you using?

    Thanks, Danny

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