Problems with recording midi in SX3!!

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    I dont know what to do??
    When i'm recording my drums,i record also the midi,and i have a problem with latency!
    I have my Ddrum 4 hoocket up with my EMU card through midi in and the latency is set to minimum 2ms and when i list it on the monitors there is no latency,but when i record the signal it records almost with a whole second of latency or something like that:0
    It's realy annoing when i edit the drums i have to always align the midi with my wawe recording,and it's is pain in the ass
    Maby anyone had the same problems if you understand what i'm talking about:p
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    Now is that latency you are adjusting for the Midi, or the audio? If its for the Midi, look into adjusting the Audio buffer instead to a lower setting for a lower latency. This may be a place to start? Is there a delay when you capture Midi only signal? How about audio only signal? Can you give more details, im not familiar with that exact vrs of software, but all software is similar in its roots usually.
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    Go to "Device Setup" > "Windows Midi" > then check the box that says "Use System Timestamp".


    Thanx dude:)
    I'll try it out!!

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