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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by JayMacc81, Dec 28, 2007.

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    1st post.......Ok I have a in-house budget studio I built basically for recording vocals from local artists over tracks. I have a MXL-990 mic, ART Tube MP Studio pre amp, and Sonar 6 producer with patch (to work with Vista). All was fine until I upgraded to Vista. Then my old soundcard didnt work, So I freaked out and ran to WalMart to grab a Vista Compatible soundcard because I had someone coming over later for a session. Well I got a Sound Blaster Audigy SE (24bit playback and recording).... Now im getting dropouts when i arm a track as SOON as i hit record. Adjusted I/O buffer from 128 to 256, still the same. Also im getting NO signal from my mic into Sonar. Can hear Mic through speakers, and in control panel in windows its showing on the meter that its working..... Please help im about to go crazy! Ohh, and welcome the newbie! hahaaha

    Technical specs:
    Pentium 4 2.8
    1GB Ram
    Sound Blaster Audigy SE (24bit)
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    Mar 15, 2007
    Ok, first off, did you go the the original sound card site and up date your driver for vista.
    XP Home was a 32 bit operating system and Vista is 64 bit

    sooo everything needs to be 64 bit compatible or run on a 32 bit partion (as far as I understand and if I am off then someone please chime in)

    most of this is all automatic when you have the correct drivers installed.

    Now the Sound Blaster Audigy SE has its own software when you installed it.
    you need to go into the control panel under sounds or audio and find the controls for both the play and recording volume sliders.

    not sure how it looks in vista but in XP it looked like this

    1077989151_25d12a7417_m.jpg ___ 1078862486_5dfbd10d05_m.jpg

    As far as the audio drop outs go, its a balence between your latency slider and the drivers that you have picked (download the latest) and the buffer size

    Go, Go, and I say again Go to the sonar site and read on tuneing your system


    A pic of my old audigy 4 1078855854_b7d6b2d98e_m.jpg

    If all else fails, take the blue pill

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Open Sonar: Select "Options" | "Audio" |
    Click the "General" tab. Click the "Wave Profiler" button.

    This will allow Sonar to search/find the sound card. This only works IF your operating system has found it(sound card) first.

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