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    If i want to sell a record, what is the process that it goes through to be sold to customers. like distribution and all. ive got a record finished. its still good to sell records out the old trunk right.
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    Jun 23, 2003
    Well there is this thing called the internet now, and lots of people use it - there are all kinds of hosting web sites for downloads and samples to help you advertise. I wouldn't pay too much for any of their services however.

    That said, out of the trunk is still fine, and word of mouth still really works if there is a local following. Be sure however that you are selling all original material. If you have any cover tunes on the recording, take a visit to the Harry Fox agency online to handle the copyright issue.

    The new on-line service allows for quantities in as little as 50 units that can be done for about .10/unit per covered song.

    The cost is relatively minor, the fine is considerable if your cover falls into the wrong hands.

    Good luck

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