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For Sale ProCo Audio Snake Cables & 1 Neutrik Patchbay

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Maurice, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Maurice

    Maurice Active Member

    Feb 14, 2018
    NYC, NY
    Home Page:

    NYC, NJ, Conn, Pa AREAS ONLY..........WILL NOT SHIP OUT.....NO PAYPAL~!!!

    5 brand new out-the-box audio snake cables AND 1 Neutrik Patchbay left over from upgrading my studio:

    [1] 16ch = 16 1/4" inputs / 16 RCA inputs
    [2] 16ch = 2 sets of 8 1/4" inputs
    [3] 16ch = 2 sets of 8 1/4" inputs
    [4] 24ch = 24 1/4" inputs / 16 XLR inputs with 8 XLR outputs
    [5] 8ch = 8 XLR inputs / 8 XLR outputs

    Lengths = 3-20 feet...........ALSO:

    Neutrik 48-point 1/4" TRS patchbay

    BEST OFFER (especially for the whole bunch)


    (1) ********Will Trade For Pro Tools 003.......OR.......Mbox 2 PRO Firewire Interface......BOTH MUST COME WITH Pro Tools LE Software*********

    (2) ******* Will trade for IPad Pro 12.9.......OR.......IPad Pro 9.7*******



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