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    I’m working in my final project of my university that is about choral recording, which I divided in four parts:

    1) Analysis (choir – recording location)

    2) Acoustic: we measure acoustic factors that are directly related with this type of recording:
    • Early Decay Time (EDT),
    • Reverberation Times (T10, T20, T30)
    • Clarity (C80), Definition (D50)
    • Speech Time Index (STI)
    • % Articulation Loss Consonants (%ALC), which are going to be presented next for each measure point.

    These measurements were made according get a proper reverb for the recording, and find points where the clarity of the speech would be the best.

    3) Electro Acoustics
    In this part we chose de mic techniques according to the results of the proper acoustic analysis.
    The techniques used here where:

    Well, this was a small resume of what I’ve been doing the last months.
    Now, my question is for the following part of the project:

    4) Master Production

    This part is divided in Edition, Mix and mastering.
    We work with a choir without accompanied instruments.
    The instruments were added later

    What I need to know is which elements are fundamental or is there a sequence to follow in the part of MASTER PRODUCTION ( Edition, Mix and Mastering). And if exists techniques about Edition,Mix and Mastering.

    I remind you that this is just for choral music, totally different from the pop/rock recording.

    I hope that you could help me with these questions

    Sincerely, Jose Pinto C

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