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    Hear ye, hear ye. Below is a list of recommended reading and technical references. If you notice a link no longer works, please let me know.

    Rane Professional Audio Reference:
    (You will be so busy reading this stuff on the john, your legs will fall asleep.)

    Crown Audio Professional System Design Tools:
    (Suck at math? Plug and play numbers baby!)

    JBL Professional Technical Library:
    (This has good stuff about system concepts, design and integration, applicable to all manufacturers.)

    Peavey Tech Notes:
    (Easy to understand how-to's from some of the nicest, down to earth educators like Marty McCann.)

    DPA Microphones:
    (Click the Microphone University icon, 4th one down on the left. Learn about microphone positioning, configurations, etc.)
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    Hey sheet, excellent idea! Here is one of ours as well...
  3. AlW

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    If you're interested, I have posted several tutorials @
  4. mark_van_j

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    Meyer has some technical papers on their site. Great for the resident nerd, some might even find them interesting. :)

    as well as Martin Audio, though not as much,

    Soundcraft has some great online booklets, papers and resources for both studio and live work,
  5. AnalogFreq

    AnalogFreq Guest has an amazingly helpful glossary with fairly in depth explanations of everything. They even have an archive of common problems/questions that I've found EXTREMELY useful.

    It's an amazing reference for hours of reading
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    I want to share with you our tutorials:
    There you will find many good articles and tutorials about recording, mastering etc.

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