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    You have spent hours and put in your heart and energy into your music, so don't undermine your music in the mixing stage.

    I offer professional mixing at competitive rates starting at 100$/song. I am flexible with my rate to fit your budget so please inquire to find out what I can offer for your music.

    I mix on Pro Tools HD with Waves Mercury in conjunction with an API 1608 console (with 550A EQ's), Stereo EL-X Distressors, Purple Audio MC77, and more.

    A private FTP account will be set up for you at no extra charge for convenient transferring of session files. Each mix comes with 1 free revision, further revisions are charged by the hour.

    Please contact me to talk about your project, what you're going for, possible budgets/rates, and what I can offer for your music technically and creatively in the mix stage.

    For more information about me and my work, please visit

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