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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by andymau, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Does anyone know of good online places/programs to download professional studio sounding hard house, hard nrg, hard trance, techno kickdums?
    kickdrums from my gear, friends and programs i'm using aren't fat enough anymore.. i'm using effects and eqs to try to fatten it up and i know there are better samples out there..
    If you've got any samples i can play with or advice for me please pm me, thanks
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    i write house, tech, etc as well and when i was rebuilding my system about a year ago i was asking myself the same question. i searched the internet forever and asked many friends and here is the feedback i received:

    1 - Audio Sparxx -
    This is a pretty cool site with reasonable pricing. I usually check back every few months and update my library with some random sounds just to add color to my palette.

    2 - After personally speaking with several producers who are successful with our industry, believe it or not, they all said they just sample somone elses CD or record. So, I began doing the same. I picked up the latest CDs across our many generes and began ripping them and then snipping out each individual hit, kick, snare, etc that I loved. Once I import them into my track, I EQ, etc to fit them into the song better.

    So, go have fun and sample your heart out. Don't be affraid. It is not cheating. Besides, there is no better way tp get the latests kits and sounds then to rip them from a new release. It's the hip-hop mentality. It works. It may be much work setting your library up, but once you do.... ahhh, so happy you will be. :)

    Where you from?


    all what you need is EQ+COMPRESSOR+DISTORTION
    with these tools you can make ultra-modern kicks
    from every old style AKAI techno samples ...
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