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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Mynameistrouble, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if there are any programs which excel at mixing more than recording? Having installed the CD burner into my 16 track i've realised i could now use a more advanced computer based program to mix the wav files, so if such a program exists could someone recommend me one?
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    if you are mac, get your head around LOGIC, it does everything to the highest level... that's all i got to say. that said mixing is more about YOUR cababilities than the prog, a prog doesn't do you any good mix. your head and ears do...
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    Logic has some features that bring it in front of the others:
    - Virtually Unlimited mixing power thanks to: well featured freeze and/or Logic nodes.

    - Advanced automation features: s, convex and concave automation curves at 32 bit floating point resolution (!), any hardware controller can control any automation parameter.
    and much more
  4. Obviously, i can get some good mixes with my 16 track using the built in mixer/effects etc but i wouldn't mind having a little more flexibilty and routing options, as well as the possibility of using the odd trigger here and there if i need to rectify a poor tom/bass drum or somet. I should probably have added that i have a PC and i'm not looking to upgrade or anything, can you get logic on PC? This really is just a sort of toe in the water exercise, i'm just seeing if there is anything out there, i'm not too fussed if there isn't.
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    logic stopped the PC support from version 5.5 onwards...
    (they god finally concious, just MHO)

    but sequoia by magix or samplitude are great progs for PCs, i would probably go for sequia IMO it's the strongest prog for the PC plattform and gives you all what you have asked for, plus a very decent soundengine...

    but IMO the only way without having to make any compromise whatsoever...
    is going MAC & LOGIC PRO all you ever need for a DAW... just my 2cents
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    Jan 20, 2005
    I know of no software "solely" for mixing? You sort've get recording capability too.

    That said - Who made your 16 track? Does the company offer software that may work easily with the machine(Assuming you have an "outboard" recording device of some sort.). Did the machine come with a CD of it's own that included bundled software? Lots of things these days come with at least trial or limited feature editions of recording software. Look over your factory CD's to make sure you don't already have something to try.

    Investigate Adobe "Audition"(A very good "general purpose" program). Rather "mid-priced", as easy to use as any, rather amazing and useful feature-set. Look over all the programs from Steinberg. Steinberg, for one, offers variations of some software, so you may find one that does what you need for a lesser price. Many companies offer trial software, so you can see how you like them before purchase. A little web-searching and review reading should help. I find Mix Magazine's review's(Some available on-line) as well as Sound On Sound magazine(From Great Britain) with some reviews available also on-line, to be very helpful. Recommending "one" program is kind've tough, not knowing your intentions(Even if YOU yet know quite what you need to do?).

    I have a piece of software called "Anvil Studio" that sort've does everything, from midi/audio to teaching you how to play your keyboard. Each "piece" available individually, for like 10 bucks, or the whole package for 100. On the other hand, my Wavelab 5, cost 500 smackers and it's, basically, just for two-track mixing/mastering(Though it does it really well!). Lots of stuff out there.

  7. I have a Fostex VF160, which as far as i'm aware does not have any standalone software available. Basically i have a lot of stuff recorded which is all nicely mixed, but i wouldn't mind seeing what i could do on a computer based program, especially since the built in effects on the VF160 aren't exactly anything to shout about.

    Since you brought up stuff like wavelab, i do have Soundforge 7, is there a multitrack function available for that at all?
  8. It's all good, sorted me a copy of Nuendo which does the trick very nicely, thanks for all the help though.
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    Jan 20, 2005
    Pardon, but you "what-ed" yourself a 2000 dollar piece of software???

  10. My mate uses it and he showed me the mixing facilities, which is exactly what i'm looking for, he got it at trade price and he's looking into getting the same deal for me. Perhaps i was a little premature in my excitement...

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