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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by lagniappe, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. lagniappe

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    :shock: I would welcome some set up help. I have an audigy 2Zs and Yamaha MG 10/2 and a Keyboard. At one time I had it set up and working properly but I had to disconnect the setup. And now I cannot get the proper connection :cry: again!. I am running the home version of Cake Walk....

    I checked out the Audigy through diagnostics and everything PASSED (and the speaker test worked fine). My notes say : 1. Mainouts (on MG 10/2) to computer [ I have the mainouts connected to the Line Out 1 Jack (or the green jack) on the Audigy {the speakers would not successfully give the audible LEFT SPEAKER/RIGHT SPEAKER test responce in any of the other jacks when I did the Audigy diagnostics}.
    2. And Control room (on the MG 10/2) to speakers. 3. Line in 3/4(on MG10/2 mixer) to keyboard and Line In 5/6 (on the MG 10/2) for computer output [ that one is in the digital output jack] and the Mic to XLR.

    I cannot get Cake Walk to respond at all.. It will play back earlier recordings. I have adjusted the volume; made sure that an input device has been chosen for the digital track and the othr trouble shooting suggestions. Can you help?
  2. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Go to control panels and select Sounds and audio devices. Under the audio tab make sure your card is selected as "recording device". Then go to "system", click on hardware and select "device manager". Look down to "sound video and game controllers". Make sure your card is listed there. If not, you may need to go to Control Panels again and choose "add hardware" and reinstall the driver for the card. This is assuming that you use something like Windows XP/2000 although the process is similar for 98 second edition also.

    Hope this helps?
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. Brandon

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    remy do you ever get carpel tunnel?

    he already said the hardware passed the test.


    first double-click on the speaker icon in the very lower right of your screen.

    something is most likely muted, just uncheck that box.
    creative audio is very fussy.
    it always seems to want to mute something or other.

    first try that
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    if that doesnt work you need to start over
    shut down the computer.


    start adding devices one at a time.
    make sure to restart computer once or twice between every success.
    good luck.

    if you know how to get into your computer's bios setup,
    changing the plug-n-play OS setting could very well fix the problem.
  5. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest

    Thanks for your replies

    I was hoping someone would look at my set up and make a suggestion.

    Is the set up (as Described) correct? I have ALL speakers on (none are muted).
  6. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest


    (y) Thanks for your comments and I am still hoping for a miracle comment on my setup. I have a program that I am trying to get ready for :roll:
  7. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    your setup appears to be fine

    if you need some help i would gladly walk you through everything over the telephone

    just email
  8. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
    If I'm reading that correctly, you're connecting the output of the mixer to the output on your soundcard. That's your problem. Connect to the Line IN.

    Always wire from output to input.
  9. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest

    I am going to try that right now; I'll let you know in a bit Thanks
  10. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest

    another question to Mc Cheese

    I changed the main outs to the line in (right next to the digital out) that did not work either. Maybe I have a bad cable. What do you think?
  11. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest

    I am now getting feedback in Cake walk

    Of all things I was forgetting to connect the REC outs to the computer :-?
    So now that I have done that, I now am getting a response. And I will have to adjust that!

    I have the REC outs to the Audigy mic in and the ST outs to the Audigy line in and the 5/6 to Audigy digital out C-R out to speaker and 3/4 to the keyboard. I am getting background distortion and the playback is peaking on the meter but not loud to my ear (very low as a matter of fact). But its a start and I am miles above where I was on yesterday :lol:

    I thank you for your input and I would still love to get a call from you Brandon to give me pointers on how to lower the distortion. I am going to take a brief break for about 30 min then its back to work
  12. Brandon

    Brandon Guest


    i completely missed that one D'OH!
  13. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Your problem is more operator error. You can only plug microphone outputs to microphone inputs. You cannot plug a line output to a microphone input without horrendous distortion. You are describing high-level output to low level inputs. Besides there is a DC voltage on the microphone input and it can hurt your equipment! You need a hardware mixer. You are fooling around with a crap soundcard. With your crap soundcard, the only inputs and outputs you should be using is line input and line output, nothing else. This is a crappy surround sound card and you can not use those other jacks as you think. If you need additional inputs, either get a hardware mixer that has a separate control room monitor section and/or a patch bay for analog signal routing purposes. A multitrack soundcard with legitimate multi-line inputs may be in order for you?? The routing within your Audigy soundcard is erroneous. I'm sorry if you thought your crap soundcard was better than it is.

    Old skilled engineer
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  14. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest

    I don't really know what to say after reading all that you said. Some of it is clear and other stuff is not. I got the part about the crappy sound card.

    But I don't understand why you said that I need a hardware mixer. I am using a Yamaha mixer. It is a small MG10/2. In the past I have made good recordings. I just dont recall how it was set up.

    When you replied to me, did you realize that I am using a mixer?

    If after looking over the settup as described can anyone tell me how to lower the distortion? And is the mixer to crappy sound card set up properly? :?
  15. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    No, you're mixer cannot be plugged into the microphone input on your sound card. The line output from your mixer must be plugged into the line input of the sound card and only the line input. Nothing should be plugged into the microphone input on the sound card, nothing, not even microphones because the microphone input on that sound card is too awful to use.

    The line output from your sound card should be plugged into a monitor amplifier input. If your mixer does not have a tape return input, I would not take the line output of the sound card to the line input of the mixers line inputs as you will cause terrible feedback to occur. The monitor amplifier should be plugged into your speakers and/or headphone system. Do you have any monitor amplifier of any sorts?? If not, you need one.

    The rest of the inputs and outputs on your sound card should not even be utilized. The digital jacks are only to be used for digital inputs/outputs and nothing else. They are not analog. The rest of the connections on your sound card are for surround speakers, which switches input jacks to output jacks. I hope you're not using the surroundsound feature of the sound card. You need to become good with stereo, 2 track before you can jump into surround mixing that actually contains 6 channels (5.1 channels the .1 channel is only for sub harmonics and is not full frequency response).

    This is the only acceptable way to use your sound card in a recording situation. The rest of the sound cards features are just hype and erroneous for your work.

    I hope this clears some things up for you?
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  16. lagniappe

    lagniappe Guest

    I appreciate your help but you speak in terms too advanced for me to understand. I think that I am going to get someone to come in and help me in person. Thanks though
  17. Brandon

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