Pros/cons audio mixdown in Cubase SX

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by lebus44, May 10, 2004.

  1. lebus44

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    hi ..
    I'm wondering if there are any digial artifacts that are added or compression or the like when you do an audio mix down in cubase .

    I'm getting my stuff ready for vinyl , the track is complete in cubase and now i have to do a mix down . I used to be an old gear head and sequenced externally so this is my firt new song on this crazy computer machine. .

    also , is there a way to record cubase to something like Peak? does this have any benefits ? i have not foudn a way to do this ..

    any other tips would be swell .. thanks in advance
  2. random logic

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    mix in cubase

    best thing is to bounce 24 bit file straight out of cubase to disk. very important is that the master level peaks in range of -8 to -4 dbs. from my experience mixing with lower levels results in cleaner and punchier sound. do not use any maximizers or eqs on master (except dithering), try to make it sound good with channel processing. then send it to a proper mastering house so they can make it loud and balanced.
  3. mkruger

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    Cubase itself won't add any atifacts or compression, no software would ever do that. Sofware is just an interface to let you control the parameters of how you want it to sound. No audio actually travels through the software.

    But keep in mind that software plugins do contain algorithems that will effect your sound. So you do need to choose those based on quality. Also when you do your conversion you need to set your dither, so do some research on that.

    What will matter alot is the quality of your analog gear and D/A converters. Very important.
  4. petethomas

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    Re: mix in cubase

    I have always thought that dithering should only be applied once at the very end of the process. Presumably after mastering the track would finally be dithered to 16 bit for CD, but why should it be dithered to 24 bit before mastering?

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