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    in the next few months i am piecing a new macintosh DAW together, probably the dual 533. i use MIDI and live audio quite a bit, and ProTools is not an option at this point. my software choices are down to DP 3.0, logic 4.7, and cubase 5; with spark 2.0 as a sample editor. all are in the same price range, so i'm at odds. digital performer looks nice as hell, and i was wondering if it would suit my needs: does the audio quality fare vs. the above two is the MIDI editing handled vs. the above two well does DP respond to external MIDI controls and how extensive is the setup? can you assign all faders,pan & eq knobs, transport controls,etc.? i saw support for the mackie HUI, but what about other surfaces: yamaha 01v, kenton control freak, doepfer, etc. etc. it best to stick with all MOTU gear as far as MIDI interfaces and sound cards? i was hot on buying an RME hammerfall; the latency is LOW with ASIO. RME says there are no issues. could i expect top performance? how good are the MOTU MIDI interfaces? well do MAS plugs sound? what abou the VST-MAS adapters, are they worth a sh*t?

    sorry to ramble, but DP looks like a solid program, and if it is all as it is advertised, i'm about to get on board.
    thanks for your patience

    ps- any news about DP and OSX?
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    Sep 5, 2000
    Originally posted by natan666:
    [B}ps- any news about DP and OSX?[/B]

    Every review of OSx I've seen so far has been negative. Maybe better to focus on 9.1 and upgrade when they've got everything fixed?
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    that was the plan. i had a chance to use OSX on a friend's powerbook G3 and it was pretty nice. the good thing is you can run both 9&X off of the same hard drive and choose which one you want to boot with.

    anyhow, more about DP? 3.0 looks incredible, dont know about 2.7.....
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    Feb 13, 2001
    i love 2.7, DP3 only gets better. i think if it works well it will pull MOTU away from the rest of the pack IMO. their 1296 is AWESOME. latency isnt an issue, i set the buffer down to 512 during tracking an NO ONE can hear it.

    as far as sound is concerned, thats kinda up to you. DP doesnt get in the way of creating a great sound.

    still hoping for a dedicated control surface. but i can even get my Lexi MRC controlling whatever, keyboard, fader bank, knobs, i COULD even make a midiguitar control whatever.

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