Protools 7.0 (eq setting for vocals and other instruments)

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  1. Hello, I have a couple questions about Protools 7.0, I recently bought a new Mbox 2 and also purchased the ilok usb plugins. Im totally new with protools. Ive never really had any experience with eq plugins and dynamics. Im trying to get a really good clean tight sound on the vocals and a solid sound out of the instruments im recording. A link where you can listen to what Ive recorded so far is ( The first song, cumberland gap is a bluegrass tune where I recorded the banjo and guitar on the same channel and the mandolin on a seperate and overdubed the vocals, it sounds ok but its not what Im wanting if anyone could give me there expert advice on how to get a better tight sound and how to use this progam and its plugins to there full effect I would great appreciate any replys thanks a bunch jon
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    I listened with much enjoyment to your newfound tools within the Cumberland gap. I enjoyed the other cuts with the sexy innuendo which has nothing to do with Nuendo but my better relate to moonshine in the mid-Atlantic pressing gravel business not Belgrade Englewood this novel of Rabbi.with your own pressing gravel snagging France and this right lower but that's in pantyhose on coal miners! In religious pooper to birdie to hindsight of finding garbage in your driveway. And don't forget that!

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  3. Yep

    Thanks for that reply there dude that looks like a really ugly "it", now if anyone could give me there insight on protools eq and dynamics plugins I would be thankful thanks jon
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