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    I have a potential client that wants to record his drum tracks on a protools rig at a larger studio here in town, but wants to finish the project (vocals, guitar, mixing, etc.) at my studio. I use Cubase SX. Is there going to be any easy way to do this? I've never had the oportunity to use Protools, so I'm unfamiliar with the project formats. I imagine he could export each drum track as a wav and import them into Cubase, but I was hoping that there is a systematic way of doing this. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    There is OMF (which stands for Open Media Framework). I'm not sure if Cubase is OMF compatible, but supposedly it allows you to open Pro Tools projects in other DAWs. Try Digi's website for more info. AFAICT, OMF is not very widely used.

    The only other option is to do a WAV dump. It shouldn't be too difficult. Call the other studio and request that they bounce down each file from the beginning to the end. They can give it to you on a CD or two, and you're done.

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    Digi Translator

    You probably don't want to invest $450 just for this project, but I've been wondering the same thing. Does anyone know if Digitranslator is meant for all platforms and between pcs or is it just meant for Macs between Digital Performer and Protools? I've been thinking about getting Nuendo or Sonar, but it'd be great to be able to exchange full sessions with Digitranslator if it worked with all of them. It'd be worth the investment as you'd be compatible with any studio anywhere.

  4. i did something like this before.. i don't have the space for live drums so i had my ppl record at a local studio on a hd3 rig. they did the vocals and i layed down the keys and did the mix at my studio.
    the best thing since cubase Sx doesn't have omf is to do a wave dump.
    be sure all markers are set to the same spot and you have a tempo of the track. you can import the wav files right into your cubase Sx session and go from there.
    i use nuendo 2.1 so have omf, aes31 and other formats.. but omf can be a b!tch at times...
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    SX 2.0 does import and export OMF.
    just imported a bunch of tracks for a film from Final Cut Pro...OMF 2 was used,positioning of tracks was sample accurate as far as I could tell the cubase and nuendo forums at steinberg
    and you'll find plenty of tips..,
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    I'm glad to hear that Cubase 2.0 does use OMF! I was looknig for a reason to upgrade :)

    One thought is that if you don't have 2.0 yet, then you could just do a .wav dump like people have suggested already. I would also like add to this... If you use .wav files then you'll have to line them back up again when you get to cubase. It's no too hard but to make it easier, when your in ProTools before you dump to .wav, add some kind of sharp sound or manually draw a wave(triangle or square) into the tracks so you can zoom in once your in Cubase and line them back up... Works great for me and the sound is perfectly on time down to the sample.

    hope that helps. -mike

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