Protools Bounce to Disc errors

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Dave62, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Just wondering how many Protools LE or tdm users are having trouble with the Bounce to disk command stopping with"audio insertion error ff". Please mention OS and Protools version. This is making me crazy, anyone else?? For me it has been happening since I went to OS X and does it with 6.4 and 6.7. On my system it happens about every 20 bounces or so but seems random. Digidesign is aware of this and has a truly lame fix that has you move the start and end point of your bounce. I really hope they are working on a real fix and I am encouraging everyone to let Digidesign know that it needs fixing.
  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    not me on any of my systems

    AM3/XP/AMD ... 2 off

    never seen this before
  3. This was one of the main reasons i stopped using pro tools. Once they hit the 6.X version my system had sooo many problems i just ditched it. Are you using waves plug ins? those are what gave me the errors and i was not willing to give up my plug ins that i had spent thousands on just to use slow tools.
  4. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Yes I do use waves, I have the native power pack, the IR-1 and the Mastering bundle. How did you pin it down on the waves software? It seems to be intermittant to me although there is usally a waves something somewhere in the process and yet it only happens once in a while. I did see a thread somewhere that said not to insert anything in the master fader outs when bouncing. I will try routing thru an aux input first and see if it will still do it. Other than that one gripe, my system crashes maybe once a month and is in use 60 hours or more a week. Which system did you move to?

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