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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if any body has any advice for me.

    I have Digi001 and Behringer Euro desk with some outboard pre's/ compressors.

    I normally record rock-type bands, drums, guitar bass and vocals. Currently I put drums down to 7 tracks leaving one track for a guide.
    Then I layer guitar,bass,vocals and backing vocals. Each song the band does i put into a new session. This is great and i am getting great results. My problem comes in when I start mixing, the first song takes a bit longer to mix because i am getting the inital sound going (Getting compressors/gates/eq/reverb setup etc). Then when i move to the next song (i.e. the next session), I have to re-add all the plugins, create new aux tracks for reverb etc.

    If i was using a HD recorder or tape, once i get the first song together, i should be able to start playing the second song and the basic sound would already be there. Is there any thing I can do to make the mix process any easier.

    I have thought about putting each song, one after the other. This could be an approach I could take, but I would really need to be able to save additional mixes of the session which I could re-open when working on the different songs. I also thought there might be some way that I could drag and drop a plugin between 2 session's tracks, but this doesn't work.

    Possibly I could also save the plugin settings. If there were 2 different sessions using the same plugin setting and i change it in one session, can i get the 2nd session to automatically reflect the changes?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    If your basic setup doesn't change, you can create a session with no audio, but with the effects present to use as a template. :cool:
  3. Guest

    getting back to tracking, what i do is often record all the songs on one long session. then when it comes time to mix, i mix song #1, and save it as song #1.

    Now I "save as" song #2, which obviously now has, as a starting point, all the mix settings of song #1. By saving as song #2, now i can make any tweaks specific to that song without affecting song #1.

    each song in the session is dealt with similarly.
    as you do each song, it's not a bad idea to eventually go back and eliminate the other songs' audio files from the individual saved song file.

    here's another possibility:

    you record the songs onto individual session files. after you mix the first song, import the drum tracks into the second song. Delete the audio files on the imported drum tracks, and drag the audio from the original drum tracks onto the (now empty) imported tracks. Now the second song will have the same drum mix as the first song. continue in the same manner with bass, guitar, or whatever...
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    Ah yes, the Save As function should be your best friend!

    Opus :D
  5. This is much like what I expected I would have to do. I was hoping there was something within Protools that would allow me to do this a little nicer. Any TDM Users out there? How do you handle this type of thing on a HD system? or When using a control surface (did someone say ProController..)

    I used to use Sonar, but then got hold a Digi001 for chips. I must say I think ProTools is very powerful, I really like how it has the AUX input rather then fixed effects buses, very flexible ( I use for grouping 3 mics from guitar to single track at mixdown, not tracking).

    Thanks for the replies
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    Nuendo 2.0 now has that feature wherein you can send multiple signal to one track plus it now has full Plug-in Delay Compensation.

    It's the same as any software application actually. The "Save As" feature is what you want to use as it doesn't double the amount of physical tracks, just creates a new application file extension in which relates to certain edits and fader adjustments, etc etc etc

    Copying the tracks to another folder creates a new project and at that point may get confusing in terms of folders and file management.


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    Save your mix template and import the new tracks/session. As long as the tracks are in the same order and locked to the time code you should have no problems.

    Uncle Bob

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    Good call.........mix templates are your friends, too! Very handy for when you know your talent and your mixing/plugin needs!

    Good luck!!

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