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  1. So i got to thinking, pro tools HD systems run their processing off of the dsp cards. whereas LE systems(what i have) run off of the chip and ram. so i got to wondering, if i bought lets say a xeon server computer would it run pro tools faster than the HD core1 system?

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    That's kind of like putting a single barrel carburetor on a big-block V8 engine.
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    Not even sure PTLE supports Xeon cpu, check their site.

    You would still be stuck with 32 tracks.

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    Although Digidesign does not support Dual Xeon Motherboards it would more than likely still work but it would not be the same as an HD system from a performance standpoint. It may cause support issues for you as well because your config would be unsupported by Digidesign.

    There are things you can do to help - DSP cards are a good start ( UAD's or TC Electronics). Waves just released a plug in accelerator peice of hardware, I have one on order so no review yet. Even with these items it is still not the same.

    OTHER things to consider

    If you have a Digi002 and you were recording more than 10 tracks at a time (i.e. Drums) you will be stuck with recording at 24bit/48K MAX.
    You are also stuck with Digidesign D/A, A/D converters on eight channels.

    If you want true HD performance I would say save your money buy an HD system.
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    I don't think Pro Tools in any form works with hyperthreading as they say to turn it off completely on their website...

    So in essence getting a dual Xeon would be ok to use dual processors but again as others don't get that much of a benefit with LE systems.

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    I would not use the TDM stuff on PC. I'm a sound design student at Savannah College of Art and Design as well as a Pro Tools owner (DIGI 001 running on a DP Mac G4) and after working with the Win-based Protools TDM systems at SCAD I've decided to use the Mac labs only. They have horrible MIDI problems (random unexplainable digital noise). They also crash all the time and have less editing features than thier Mac counterparts. The version of protools for M-Audio is a crippled version (less plugs, support, and features) and FORGET running the DIGI 002 Rack on XP, it has all of the afore mentioned problems as well as a nasty habit of burning out hard drives. As far as I'm concerned Cubase or Nuendo are much better PC options. Digidesign should just give up the ghost and go Mac Only.

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    finally someone said it!! :cool:

    so true....

    i think the reason for digi trying to impose pc's on us is the fact that they're owned by avid.... it's politics .....

    pt is mac..... cubase on the other hand run much smoother on pc..... i had sx2 for a while..... the same plugs took alot more cpu power to run than in pt

    but beware.... and put on your flamesuit :lol:
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    Why would you want a xeon? they are WAY slower than Opterons or A64's.

    Anyroad.. the core in HD systems is many times more powwerful than any cpu you can find.

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