Protools|HD 192i/o question.

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    Hello, I would like to know if anyone has a site or image of a wiring schematic for the DB25 connectors that the 192i/o uses? Also, I'm confused as to how many analog inputs the stock 192i/o has? I see two db25 connectors on the back but each have different voltages? does this mean that there are 16 possible xlr inputs without the added expansion card? and 24 possible with the expansion card?
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    If you have not found it yet, here is a link to the pdf of the 192 i/o at the digidesign website.

    This should tell you all you need to know.

    The 192 i/o (I believe) come with 8 analog a/d's and 8 analog d/a's and has one bay open for another card, which can be either an a/d, a d/a or a digital card.

    You can connect both the +4dBu and the -10dBV inputs but you can only use one or the other. You can select which inputs to use within Pro Tools in the Hardware Setup dialog. Be mindful that you only get +4dBu outputs on the d/a so if your using -10dBV, Digidesign states that :

    For –10 dBV gear, a special DigiSnake cable
    (sold separately) is available. If you want to
    make your own cable, be sure to use in-line
    transformers or resistor networks to properly
    pad the +4 dBu output to –10 dBV levels.


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