Protools|HD setup & studio wiring.

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    Dec 20, 2005
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    Hello everyone, I have a question for the Protools users on the board, I have been recording bands in a small overdubbing environment for about 5 years now and saving up the money to upgrade to a Protools|HD rig,
    My current signal chain consist of mic input to a Tascam DM24 that is used for gain & pre-track eq, the signal is then sent out of the DM24 via light pipe to an 002 rack, and it is mixed using standard mouse, and HUI emulation on the DM24, Now, I have recently come to acquire a decent to large sum of money (about 200k), The family is selling this house, buying a place with a guest house, and donating the guest house & around 200k to turn it into a recording studio, Now that my situation is explained, I would like to have a better understanding on how many of you choose to wire your recording environments, I’ve attended a large number of recording tech classes and come to understand that Multi-Pin connectors are the method of choice, The new converted studio will have 5 iso booths and a control room, would you recommend perhaps 25 pin din connections? dsubs? or what, to connect the control room to the iso booths, also,
    from that, I would also like to know the simplest method of choice to connect & wire up a Protools HD|3 rig, ( I have little knowledge on the actual setup), Two of the things ive managed to grind into my head through years of experimentation, is that the simplest method is often the best, and once the signal is digital do not for any reason reconvert to analog, so a setup where I can have sends & returns without a second d/a conversion is preferable.

    Would any of you be willing to explain the simplest method to wire together an HD|3 rig and a D-command control surface, and connect this to an iso booth using some form of multi-pin connector? I would also like to know what method of setup to acquire this is preferred for the best signal quality.

    Thank you all very kindly,
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    Nov 13, 2001
    How many lines to and from each ISO booth do you want ?

    It seems to me that the current question is not a specific PT/HD question.
    You need lines to and from the ISO booths and the main unit at present is the DM24.

    Modular patch panels with your basic I/O and sources on easy to handle connectors so that you can change things in the future.

    Make use of normalling and half normalling so that your basic set-up is largely wired and ready to go without the use of many patch leads.

    A very versitile method is to use Krone blocks on the wall so that a solderless link can be made.
    Sources to Krone block
    I/O to Krone block
    then use a twisted 2 wire or 3 wire jumper to link.

    However your set-up doesn't seem large enough to warrant this and a simple direct wire may be acheivable.

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