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ProTools HD upgrade - latest news

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by anonymous, May 16, 2002.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    This may interest some of you who are in similar circumstances...

    Like many, I have a number of ongoing projects usingplug-insthat are not yet HD upgradable. In my case, the biggest stumbling block has been TC MegaReverb. Conversations with TC have yielded promises that they will definitely have an HD compatible version, but probably not until "late summer". (Their quote: "Don't worry, we would never leave you high and dry.")

    Meanwhile, Digi has sweetened their upgrade/trade-in offer by saying that if you buy in by June 15th, you can get your choice of two freeplug-insfrom a list that includes Reverb One, Sound Replacer, Soft SampleCell, DINR, Maxim, etc. Some of these are nearly $1000 items purchased seperately, so this is quite a tempting incentive to pull the trigger.

    So, I called Digidesign and explained my dilemma. The sales rep could not have been more cooperative. His solution: I can buy the upgrade/trade-in package any time before June 15th and they will send me the new hardware/software. Since they are cooperative "partners" with TC MegaReverb they will allow me to keep all my old hardware and continue to use my old system until such a time when TC actually starts shipping their HD compatible reverb! Which could be months! The rep even took my name and put a note in my account file indicating that I will probably be doing this kind of thing.

    It was wonderfully refreshing to find someone so completely understanding of my situation and willing to work with me to find a solution. I'm one happy dog! :)
  2. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    Yea Digi is great. Customer service unlike any I've experience. They should treat us well with all the Gee$ we sent their way.
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
  4. davemc

    davemc Guest

    Hey Littledog, my HD3 and 192k upgrade are still sitting at the store as no Sony, BF and Channelstrip make Davey go crazy. hmmmm will have to check out the free plugin stuff, where did you see the info on it?
    The only plug I do not have I want is the GML upgrade for the Sony, been waiting on GM plugin, to A/B.

    All the new cool stuff for HD will come out July 1st. They will probably give all the wish list stuff to HD only.
    Adding plugin instances on the fly.
    Auto delay compensation etc.
    Ampfarm update.

    Paying for updates for plugins is a little pain, especially as most have no extra features and I will probably stay at 44.1k for the time being anyhow. So far
    Autotune $99
    DUY $349(oh you do get re-despider included, If I wanted it I would of brought it anyhow)
    WM $249
    None are adding any new features to them, I have been awaiting A/S for WM since I got them years ago.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    I got an e-mail from Digi - I can't say for sure if they will make the offer retroactive to people who already bought in - would be a drag if they didn't.

    Call 888-636-3444 and speak to a real live human being and make your case. They seem to be in a good mood lately.
  6. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Hey Dave,

    Did you get a listen to the new HD before you gave them a deposit?

    I can't even lean to an upgrade until I see a working system similar to the one I want once upgraded.

    This is not including any of my issues,

    LE compatibility
    Midi I/O
    You have already mentioned the Plugs
    The original plugs with MixPlus - will they upgrade?

    There is more but I'm bored with all this now... Australia is so far away from Digi and this Upgrade Deadline is just crap. I have had the DVD for ages but not seen in the "flesh" one piece of gear.

    When I bought MixPlus it took six months for it to arrive!

    Now I'm in upgrade mode .. six months is way past deadline!

    Vapourware and Deadlines just don't MIX...

    ( mix - get it? ) :D
  7. davemc

    davemc Guest

    Had a play with a system with a 96k box yesterday at Manny's. My setup is out back awaiting me to pick it up.
    I still only have a 882 & 1622 as frontend as I did not like the 888's, so the converters are another reason to get it.
    We all know they will come out with HD only plug for this and that on July 1st. I could do with the extra processing power so I can run more plugs, I have a Mix3 and run out easily.

    Yes it ain't easy to go for the upgrade, work is very slow in old Melb town at the moment, and I already spent my upgrade money on a Fatso, ISA430 and Drawmer 1969. So money is tight.

    All digi plugs are updated for free.
    My McDsp are free upgrade as well.
    As mentioned, DUY, Autotune and Wave Mechanics are out and are a paid upgrade. That only leaves Channelstrip, Sony Oxford and Bomb Factory stuff.
  8. Jim Chapdelaine

    Jim Chapdelaine Active Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    CT, USA
    Howdy Little Dog..
    Now I understand why I ruffled your feathers (not intentional). You already commited to PTHD.
    Check this out for a friendly upgrade.
    Apogee 8000 users get to upgrade for half price and keep their current 8000's forever. That's why we're on our little quest. The new 8000 will offer more features than the Digi 192 and most likely (subjective here) a better clock, less hyped mids and a tighter low end. That's why we need some answers at the forum.
    Good luck with Digi and I'm glad they're treating you right. I think, deep down, they mean well but at the last NAMM show they were all very nervous when approached about sensitive 3rd party issues.
    I bought the system 6000 just so I wouldn't have to deal with this kind if stuff. Crazy making.
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    I think cashflow survival and true client need must be put before 'gear fetish' cravings at this time.

    I would like to go 96k but all the extras would cost me megga $$$.

    Frankly I dont need or....(gulp) DESERVE them - at this point in time.

    Next hit - I am going on a wild spending spree!

  10. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Hey Chap,

    I'm glad you are offering strong competition to digidesign - without competition there would be no incentive for them to improve their products and treat their customers like the true treasures that we are.

    But, just to be accurate, I haven't committed one dime to the upgrade yet - it just seems like the most cost effective thing (and most likely course) for me given my current level of investment in Pro Tools hardware and software.

    You could have been posting about tuna fish sandwiches for all it mattered, i still would have suggested that you not put the same message in six different places. Besides, dogs have fur, not feathers. ;)
  11. Jim Chapdelaine

    Jim Chapdelaine Active Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    CT, USA
    Well Dog,
    I know the feeling. I've got about 65k into PT. That should explain my current obsession.
    To upgrade or keep my present system and add
    Nuendo with the new 8000's for higher sampling rate stuff. I have to say, not a single client, network,label or artist has asked about higher sampleing rates. Or how to downsample them.
    I'm just trying to get as much info as I can before paying more money to be mugged.
  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    You got that right, Chap. It IS a tough call!

    I'll tell you my thinking as to why I'll probably stay Digi for a while, and I'm eager to hear yours for bailing out.

    Here are my factors:

    •Laziness - I've been doing PT for five years, and I think I'm pretty fast/good at it. I'm too old and lazy to start over on something else unless I absolutely have to.

    •Hardware investment - I've got a Mix+ system now, with two 888/24's. I could give a crap about higher sampling rates, and as a matter of fact don't relish the idea of doubling my file sizes, back-up times, storage requirements etc. in the least. I'll continue to run 24/44.1 until my clients start looking at me funny. That being the case, I only need to buy one of the hardware boxes, since I can still use one of my 888/24's with the new 192 interface to get 16 channels of I/O, the minimum I need to do tracking of bands. The alternative of getting a couple of Apogee Trak 2's or whatever seems like the more expensive option. Plus I get the ADAT I/O, and improved converters (on 8 tracks at least). Clocking was never an issue, because I use a Lucid Genx6 96 anyway.

    •Software - I have an awful lot of money invested in TDMplug-insthat I prefer not to flush down the toilet. And again, I'm familiar and comfortable with them.

    •Convenience - I get a lot of projects that were either started in other ProTools studios that needed a place with a good piano or a great vocal mic for overdubs, or for whatever reason didn't have available time to do the mixing, etc.

    •Industry "standards" - while there's no guarantee that ProTools will be around forever, there seems to be a large enough user base to make it pretty high on the survivor probability scale. I don't know enough about Nuendo - it may be a perfectly wonderful product, but the best product doesn't always win out in the marketblace. Look at Betamax vs. VHS for example. Vision vs. Performer. Or Mac vs. Windows. As a lifelong Mac user I've already spent almost two decades overspending for equivalent products while being pelted with plethoras of predictions about the platforms impending demise. (Do I win an alliteration award?) I need a little safety and security in at least some areas of my life right now.

    •Client caché - for a certain part of my client base, rightly or wrongly, Pro Tools has a certain desireable caché. There are certain buzzwords that attract certain clients. With some it might be Steinway. (But I swear, bro', I can make this Kimball sound JUST like a Steinway....!) With others it's Neumann, or Neve, or Apogee. For better or worse, I've got a lot of my client base because I have ProTools. Maybe I could re-educate them, but maybe not. I even have a few clients who are better at it than I am- and I don't know if they're up for learning a new system either.

    •Other financial incentives - Digi is making it very attractive to go for it now, even though I'm basically happy with what I've already got. Almost a couple of thousand dollars worth of freeplug-ins and a sweet hardware trade-in deal make it hard to resist.

    So that's a bunch of reasons off the top of my head for staying with Pro Tools. There might be more if I thought about it for a couple of minutes. If I was just starting out with no previous financial or intellectual investment, I'd probably be more open to alternatives. Meanwhile, I'll be watching you guys carefully. If you ARE really on to something here, maybe I'll come kicking and screaming over to your side of the fence after all!

  13. Jim Chapdelaine

    Jim Chapdelaine Active Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    CT, USA
    Every one of those points is ditto for me.
    I guess I'm concerned about the sound and that's become the bottom line. If Nuendo cuts it, great. If not, I'll get the digital interface and the new 8000s when they're released. They offer a better feature set, better clocking and to my ears, Apogees have always sounded better. They're the main reason I've stayed with PT for 10 years or whenever Version 1 came out. The whole thing is making me nuts!
  14. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Same here.

    It is every bit as hard as Nubus to PCI was.

    Deadline is getting nearer. I really wanted an interface with 16 analog in and out in one box so I didn't have to think about external clock.

    Or an adapter to use the old interfaces .... I don't mean the legacy port ... so I could U/G the cards then think about the interfaces.

    I'm disappointed that only the 192 has the soft clip.

    It's all too hard. :mad:

    The interfaces have DB25's ... yuk
  15. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    And THIS from a guy who looks for any convenient excuse to break out the old soldering iron? (Could it be those seductive lead fumes?)

    But for some of the rest of us, I've heard Digi is offering a really fine looking DB25 cable snake with really big cool looking labels on the fan end. I have no idea how much they will want for them though...

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