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  1. just a question, i realize digidesign has announced their plans to fully support protools for the g5s soon, but i need a bit of help. i have a dual g5 and a digi 002 rack. obviously everything loads as far as the software and whatnot, but after protools is open, when i try to either create a new session or open an existing one, it locks my machine and tells me i need to power off and restart. any insight as to why this is happening would be helpful. thanks guys and girls
  2. broonsbane

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    Best guess??

    I would have to say it's that their software and hardware aren't compatible yet. You have to realize that the new G5's are fully new. The PCI buses are no longer 32bit but actually 64bit now. Along with everything else, I think. It's just all completely different. I would assume that a lot of work will be involved rewriting or fixing the code, along with re-working the hardware to support the differences.

    Ok, actually I'm just making a big guess. Take it all with a grain of salt.

  3. Kurt Foster

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    So now you will have to purchase an upgrade from Digidesign so you can run your program on your shiny new Apple G5 (which you probably bought to stay competitive and to avoid becoming obsolete). Digidesign and Apple sure have a sweet little scam going, don't they? They have this way of keeping their customers coming back to the trough every 8 months! It's really no big deal though, as we are all made of money. :D
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    From my past experience it takes Digi about 90-days to certify new hardware.

    It's probably a software problem instead of hardware. They will have to optimize their software to take advantage of the new vector processing instructions.

    So far firewire interfaces from other companies seem to be doing fine on the G5s.

  5. lorenzo gerace

    lorenzo gerace Active Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    I'm not a Mac user, but my best advice is to log on the Digidesign User Conference and ask this same question or read thru the Answerbase documents to see if a similar topic has already been posted.

    Kurt, the guy was here to ask for help, not to be shredded over or laughed at.

    Hope this helps

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