ProTools LE to Cubase SX3?

Discussion in 'Mixing' started by orangeoctane, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. orangeoctane

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    Hi guys,

    First post here.

    I have some clients that recorded some stuff in ProTools LE and I want to work with it in Cubase SX3. I'm trying to find the *best* way to approach this.

    I was under the impression that you could save the files in PTLE as an OMF file and then open them in Cubase and go. But when we try to save any file in PTLE, the only file format available is the native PT extension. And then the option to export anything is greyed out. Is this a specific limitation of PTLE?

    So then as an alternative, I decided to solo and bounce each track to maintain the timing throughout the song from track to track so that I didn't have to manually move pieces into their proper spot in Cubase. But bouncing 24 tracks, one by one in real-time is not an ideal process as you can imagine. Is there a way to do a "batch" bounce of each of the tracks all at once? How about a way to process a bounce as opposed to doing a "real-time" bounce to decrease the amount of time needed?

    Or maybe I am overlooking something simple and you're thinking, geez why doesn't that idiot just do "blah, blah, blah" and be done with it?

    Thanks in advance for any help or pointers!
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Reinstall Pro Tools LE and when you do that you will see an option to install Digitranslator. This will be a Demo for 30 days but I'm sure that will be enough to to get sessions you need exported.

    Once you have installed it you will now see the option to use Export as OMF...

    Settings should be set to OMF output, sampling rate and how to export the files. Select Consolidate Files...this is the way to do it.

    Remember to reset the mixer so that the faders are all at 0 and alos get rid of any plug ins and what not. Also lose any group tracks or master faders as well.

    Once exported simply OMF import into Cubase and you're good to go!

    Quickest and most reliable way to do to this! Done it several times!

    Opus :D
  3. orangeoctane

    orangeoctane Guest

    Thanks, I'll try that!
  4. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    I forgot to tell you to select all tracks first before exporting to OMF!!

    You can press CTRL+ALT and click on one track and that will select all tracks at once(at least for windows)

    Opus :D

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