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    Dec 28, 2001
    Can anyone expand on this subject??! Here's my issue.. I've created an OMF from Final Cut Pro and imported it into protools v5.0 to hammer out the audio. The Orig. Quicktime files that the video person used to make his Final Cut project were 29.97fps and his Final Cut movie is 29.97drop. Make any sense?? Well, the way protools works into the equation is obvious. I don't know If I should be setting up my end to be either or... I noticed that in, he didn't have an option to export his project as one big quick time movie for me to work with in 29.97drop even though, it seems that that's what he's working in in Next issue..Seems that he is working in 48khz so I set up my end to do so as well. Not including my synch issues with the movie, my audio seems to sound alright and is quick workable. When I gave him a copy of the narration I recorded in 16bit/48khz, it played back in his system slightly too fast. indicated that that's what he was using (when orig. checked) so I assumed I should stay on par. I tried bouncing the narration files one by one (PAIN!) down to 16bit/44.1khz but it still played back too fast when I made an audio C.D. out of the work as reference.. I tried batch processing the sample rate in Peak down to 44.1khz but still too fast.
    Finally, I figured I'd bite the bullet and play everything from one protools rig. to another via XLR cables/analog, recording into a second protools rig at 16bit/44.1khz. Worked fine if you don't mind a hair more noise to the signal...aahh... Here's the real kicker...I figured that it was clean enough to work with so I then put all of the "fresh" 16bit/44.1khz files onto the film makers outboard hard drive for him and when it hooked it back into his system, voila...they played back too slow. Is anyone still awake out there??! Can anyone give me some ideas?? One things for sure, I'm only getting wiser!
    P.S. I'm working on p.t.'s 5.0 with 888 16bit interfaces and a Mark of the Unicorn Midi time pc.
    I recorded the narration in protools 5.1/using a 24bit system but setting it to 16bit.

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