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    HI,, A few days i was recording somes drums session at a friends studio.the studio is based on ADAT recorder, and I got Protools on mine, so we decided to record on a mac runnig an old verion of protools software 4 {DIGI 001 }and i got a PC runnig PT 5.3.1 software..The session are not compatibles..the quest is how i could transfer the sesions from PT 4.0 MAc to PT 5.3.1 PC
  2. The easiest way to do this is if you would have nipped the problem in the butt right away. You can enforce pc/mac compatability by going under, i believe >setups > options(I'm not next to my audio pc right now so I'm not for sure, but I know its under one of the setup windows). There is a tab in the window for compatability, select the convert aiff to .wav, and you should be compatible from the start.

    Now I am not sure if pt4 has this option though. Theoretically though, you could convert the audio files from aiff to .wav files and either A) make a new session in PT and import and place the files. this would be tedious, but it could work. or B)Try adding the .pts extension onto the end of your session files name then try to open it. It might work, I know it does bringing over logic sessions, but PT. well, my CPU froze while trying this, but, it could just be the fact that my computer stinks.

    Well , I hope I gave you some ideas and was of some help, but either way good luck to ya, I found preventitve prcoautions (enable compatibility) is the best way to avoid this conundrum however.

    Catcha later
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    thanx trench... lets see what i do.

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