ProToolsmbox: Need help pluging in mic's and adding amps

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Joshlevi, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    Situation: I can plug in my guitar straight to the mbox but I want to add my marshall ampifier inbetween! So I ran a 1/4 jack out of my line out out on the amp into the TRS jack of the mbox, I got no sound through the headphones I hope i didnt wreck anything, so I then decide to mic my cabinet with a sm 57 and just use the xlr connectors but I came up dead air again!1

    Does anybody know why this is happening? Does anybody know the proper way to hook up an amp into this mix?If even possible? Why the hek arent i getting sound out of my mic !!
    -Please will somebody who knows what I can do reply, Thankyou
  2. aarontx

    aarontx Guest


    When running your guitar or amp combo make sure the source select is sent to Line on the appropriate input.

    I don't think the SM57 requires the 48V phantom power but it's worth a try, I suppose.

    Have you tried this on both inputs?

    Also check the knob that goes between input and playback. Input gives you direct signal while playback gives you output from PT...

    You can also maybe try the 1/4" headphone connection in the back in the off chance the 1/8" jack in front went bad....
  3. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    generally the correct way to do this is with a guitar DI box

    The DI box will have a guitar loop through to go to the guitar amp so things feel normal


    a 57 is place in fron of the amp/speaker
    SM57 does not require phantom volts ... it is a dynamic mic

    a second xl to xl lead goes from DI output to M-box ... as if it were a second mic

    typically the mic gains would be similar for both DI and Mic
    a VERY general comment there as all guitars are different and so to are DI boxes and amp volumes
  4. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    Thanks for the tips guys, I havent quite figured out the amp situation quite yet, but i got my sm57 working.

    I was reading up in
    DI boxs, and it just so happens I own a aphex guitar exciter(pedal) which can also be used as a DI box. So I tryed it out, but i came up with nothing again- the box a 1/4in input/output and one xlr jack.
    I dont see how I could mess something like this up, but i still got nothing at the end.
    my amp has- input
    -emulated line out
    -CD in
  5. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Can we start again ?

    You got the sm57 working so you can mic the guitar amp.

    Do you still want to DI the guitar ?
    why ?

    it's ok to ... but just wanted to know why.
    learning about how to use DI's and Re-amp things is worthwhile.
  6. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    I guess i was just curious. After purchasing pro tools, reason, and ableton, ive just been really interested in trying to figure out the odds and ends, so emperimenting with a DI was just something new to learn.

    what im really more concerned about right now is a problem wich i believe the mbox manual called "latency" correct me if im wrong, but i think while im recording and i here my drums playing back to me with a sort of delay effect. now I know how to get rid of this, its as simple as turning a knob, however, i want to hear my guitar track at the same time and record to it so if i want to hear playback form pro tools and hear my recdording at the same time I cant because i got this annoying "latency" - I suppose i could just record everything to a click by itself, i just would rather hear my other instuments while im playing
  7. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    please keep experimenting

    yes latency
    and it does come in a few forms
    we can talk about this

    One thing to look for is
    Low Latency Monitoring

    This basically routes the current track being recorded straight through to the headphones.
    It may even be hardware switched inside the M-box. (Hardware Monitoring)

    As for wanting to hear all things at the same time it can get a little tricky.

    Can I talk you through a few things as this can get confusing if you try to solve and learn too many things at once.

    I have just been accuse of being patronising on another forum so I don't want to offend.
    This and levels and files management is such a common area for confusion.
  8. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    Yes, by all means necassary! talk me through it, if you have any tips or tricks or solutions, your help is more then welcome, if you have time please reply.
    -I will check this forum more frequently then I have latley, been busy
  9. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    Another thing you could possibly help me with is importing files into pro tools-

    What I want to do is take a song that I copied into windows media player and take it into pro tools.

    The problem I come to is when I have the import region window up. It will not take anything into pro tools, Im assuming its that the audio isnt the right format and I need to convert the files?

    If you know how this works please help. if not dont sweat it
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