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    What's the difference between the compressor sections in the Nitrous and and Proxima? Are they the same?

    Also, I'm trying to decide whether to get a Nitrous or a Proxima and trying to decide whether to get a compressor only or a preamp/compressor. I really want just the compressor but it would be nice to have another high quality preamp in the rack. Could I feed the compressor in the Proxima with a line level signal from another preamp?

    Thanks in advance. I'm a very happy VMP-2000 user of ~4 years. I'm excited about how you will do with a solid state design.
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Hi Xmun. :lol:

    Pretty much.
    Fet compressor with Precision rectifier circuit doing the detection.
    Both behave the same , it's the front end that's different..

    I think Proxima may be of more use to you as you can track with a little bit of compression...
    Proxima can take line level signals but you may have to pad them down a little... use an unbalanced cable so your signal is not as hot...

    Likewise , Nitrous can look at an SM57 on a snare.... but obviously not the type of gain that Proxima can supply..

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    Thanks for the response.


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