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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by miks, Apr 1, 2005.

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    Hi all, ive got pt 002r and command 8, ive just purchased a midi contoller (a small edirol or something) anyway in le 6.4 i can get the meters working on the midi channel but cant get any sound comming out of the speakers. ive got the midi out, in the midi in on the C8.Now i wanted to use sampletank as a plugin.

    Do i open an audio track and use the sampletank as a plugin on the audio track so i can hear the effect as i record? If so, how do i get the audio track to read the midi?

    Bloody easy with cubase sx but im baffled with how to do it in protools. (ps, i dont own sx anymore)

    anyhow thanks a bunch guys.
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    Create an Aux Input and use SampleTank PlugIn on this track. Create a MIDI Track and route SampleTank to this MIDI track you just created (where it says DgdsgnD002 use the drop down menu to select S'Tank). Use the Aux fader to control S'Tanks level.
  3. miks

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    thanks a million blade, your a legend. I have ORGAN!!! yay.

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